Insert your subscription form in your article

You can create a menu which will redirect the user to the main subscription screen and you can publish the AcyMailing module on your website. But sometimes you will find useful to include the AcyMailing module in the middle of an article, this is the easiest way to fully customize a subscription page the way you want.

Insert your module inside an article with Joomla 2.5 or 3.x

If you are using Joomla! 2.5 or 3.X, you can include a module in your article using the simple Joomla! "loadmodule" tag feature.

You have to specify the module type and its title in the tag, for example, for this module:

The module type will be "mod_acymailing" (our module's type) and the title will be "AcyMailing Module copy". Here is an example:

  • Enable the "Content - Load Modules" Joomla! plugin via the Joomla plugins manager.

  • Make sure you didn't forget the capitals in the title, this is case sensitive.

  • Set the "Menu assignment" of your AcyMailing module to "On All Pages" and leave the "Position" parameter empty (so that it will not be displayed on your website except on your article)

Insert your module inside an article with Joomla 1.5

If you are using Joomla! 1.5, then you will have to attach your AcyMailing module to one specific template position and we will insert a tag in your article where you want the module to be displayed using the Joomla! "loadposition" feature.

The plugin loadposition (which is installed by default on Joomla) will then automatically replace your inserted tag by the AcyMailing module.

Create a specific position in your template

We will first modify your template XML to add a new position.

That way, we will be sure to add your AcyMailing module to a non used position on your template (otherwise the module could be displayed twice). You can skip this part if you already know one available position on your template.

    • Open the XML file of your default template (you will have to connect to your server via FTP for that) the file path should be: templates/YOUR_OWN_TEMPLATE/templateDetails.xml

    • In this file you will see a series of positions.

positions template

  • We will add a new one so that we can then safely attach the AcyMailing module to this position which is not used:

    • Add the code newsletterpos at the end of the list of positions

    • Save your file and upload it back to your server via FTP.

Set the AcyMailing module to be displayed only on this position

If you already use the AcyMailing module somewhere, you can duplicate the module (select the module and then click on the button “copy”) to configure it independently from the other one.

    • Edit your AcyMailing module via the Joomla Module Manager

Module edit

    • Enable your module

    • The option “Show Title” won't have impact, it's ignored when inserted in an article.

    • Select the menu assignment “All” because we will display this module in your article so we don’t want to display this module based on the selected menu.

    • And then select the position you just created called “newsletterpos”.

Module config

  • Save your module.

Add a tag in your article which will be replaced by the AcyMailing module

    • Edit one of your Joomla article and then add the tag: {loadposition newsletterpos}

add tag to article

    • Then save your Joomla article.

    • Joomla will now automatically replace your tag by the modules attached to this position (so the AcyMailing module only).

Content preview

  • You can now edit your AcyMailing module and set it up the way you want.

  • It’s the method we used to display our download button in the middle of a Joomla article

    • We configured the AcyMailing Module to use the mootools popup effect

    • and we added a picture code in the parameter “Mootools Button Text”

      <img src="images/mypicture.png" border="0" alt="Download" />

Avoid the e-mail cloaking plugin which alters the e-mail address in the input

We recommend you to add the text {emailcloak=off} in that article next to the tag to load the module. That way the email cloaking Joomla plugin won't alter the AcyMailing module (otherwise you may see some Javascript code inside the e-mail field if you are logged in)

Email cloaking issue

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