Sending issue

If you have a problem to send or receive your e-mails, then this article is for you!

The first thing to do is to go on your AcyMailing configuration page and click on the button "send a test". 99% of the time, if you didn't change your configuration since you installed AcyMailing, this test will be sent properly to your mailbox and you will receive it.

I don't receive the e-mail sent using the "send a test" button from the AcyMailing configuration page

If it does not work, the first question to ask you is: "Is my server able to send e-mails?"

So the best way to test it is to go on the menu "Tools -> Mass Mail", then write few words and send the test to your administrators and super-administrators.

Did you get that test?

Joomla offers less options to configure the send process so less chances to make a mistake. But if you can not get it to work with Joomla, you probably won't be able to get it work with AcyMailing neither.

Note that if you're running a local website, you have to configure a mail server as it's not provided by default with systems like WAMP.

If you never sent any email from Joomla, you should contact your host to ask him why you cannot send emails from your site.

If you cross that line, that means you're able to send and receive an e-mail from the Mass Mail tool in Joomla!

So back on our AcyMailing configuration page.

If AcyMailing can not send your test, please make sure you use the same configuration in Joomla and in AcyMailing.

If you still can not send your test, you should see some errors on the screen and some tips to try to fix the issue.

The common mistakes are:

  • You specified a bounce back e-mail address but this bounce back e-mail address does not belong to your server mail domain. (to send e-mails from an external smtp server, your bounce back e-mail should be usually the same as your SMTP username) If you're not sure about your bounce back e-mail address, simply leave the field empty.

  • Some mail servers refuse to let you add a name in your sender information so you should turn off the option "Add Names".

  • AcyMailing sends the test to your current e-mail account (linked to your username), so it should be a valid one!

If you still have errors on the screen when you try to send your test e-mail, go on our forum, write your configuration, the error message and all the tests you did so far so we can help you to solve that.

If you can apparently send the message but you never receive it, first be patient and wait four hours. After these 4 hours if you still didn't get your message, then go on our forum to ask some help and tell us all the tests you did so far.

I can not send a Newsletter

If you cannot send a Newsletter, the first thing to do is to make sure you can send and receive the test from the AcyMailing configuration page.

So if you're still reading, that means you successfully sent and received your test e-mail from the AcyMailing configuration page but you can not send or receive your real Newsletter.

If so, first we need to understand if AcyMailing can not send it to your mail server, if your mail server can not send it to your mailbox or if you can not receive it.

Create a new Newsletter, switch your template and select "None" so that you will get a newsletter without any content.

Then add some text to it (only text, no picture) and go on your preview page.

Select "send text version", and send you a test.

Then select "send html version" and send you a test.

Did you get your two e-mails?

If you got the text one but not the html one, go on your AcyMailing configuration page, select the options:

  • Add Names : No

  • Send multiple part : No

Send multiple part disabled

Then select the tab "plugins" and disable the statistics plugin and the url tracker plugin (if you see that one).

Then do the test again.

If you now receive the text and html versions, you can now turn On each option one by one to see the one which is causing the issue.

Still not in your mailbox? Check your trunk folder to see if it's there or not. If so, follow this procedure to reduce your spam score.

If you can receive your newly created Newsletter in text and html (the one with few strings but no picture) but you still can not send or receive your real Newsletter, then there must be a difference between your two Newsletters. Go on your AcyMailing configuration page and select the options:

  • Embed images : No

  • Embed attachments : No

Some mail servers won't enable you to send e-mails with special characters in the subject so please remove any characters such as ( , - , )

Give it a new try...

If it still does not work, first be patient and wait four hours. After these 4 hours if you still didn't get your message, then please turn OFF the option "Add Names", "send multiple part" and the statistics plugins (handle click tracking and stats) and then go on our forum to ask some help with the answer of the following questions:

  • Can you send/receive a message sent from the mass mail tool using the exact same configuration as in AcyMailing? (the Joomla function)

  • Can you send/receive a test sent from the AcyMailing configuration page?

  • Can you send/receive a test from a simple Newsletter (which means a Newsletter you created with the subject : test and the body : test) sent as "text" only?

  • Can you send/receive a test from a simple Newsletter (the same above) sent as "html" ?

  • Can you send/receive a test from your real Newsletter sent as "text" only?

  • Can you send/receive a test from your real Newsletter sent as html version?

Some of my users didn't receive my Newsletter

First it's important to understand why the user didn't receive your Newsletter... Is it because your server didn't send the message or because it didn't arrive in the mailbox?

Please send a test e-mail to this user (via the Newsletter preview screen) so you will see if the e-mail can be sent and received properly.

  • If the e-mail is not received via the send a test but you can receive it properly on your own mailbox, that means something is blocking the e-mail on the receiver end and you should probably have a look at the spam filter. If your e-mail is indeed caught by the spam filter, then have a look at our tips to avoid spam issues.

  • If the test e-mail is received properly by the user but during the send process some users don't receive it, then your server probably didn't send the message even if it returned a "success" status to AcyMailing. In that case you should check that you don't go over your hosting sending limitations and configure AcyMailing to stay under this limitation.

Emails stay in the queue for some users, but they are active and confirmed

If you send emails via the SendGrid SMTP, it may be due to a security tool on your server named "FKA SMTP Tweak", try disabling it and check again if your emails are sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have 800 users subscribed to my list but AcyMailing only sends e-mails to the first 498 users and then the send process stops, what's going on?

If you successfully sent an important amount of e-mails and suddenly you can not send e-mails any more then it's probably due to your hosting limitation. Most of hosting companies apply a limit on the number of e-mails you can send per hour (300 per hour or 500 per hour) so if you try to send more e-mails, your mail server will refuse to send the rest of your Newsletter and display you error messages. AcyMailing kept all the non-delivered e-mails in the queue so you can resume your send process later. You should read this article to know how you can spread your send process and avoid this sort of issue. Some servers won't return to AcyMailing any error. They will send the first 500 e-mails but don't deliver the rest. In that case it's even more important to configure AcyMailing to respect your server limitations.

AcyMailing tells me that the emails are correctly sent, but the emails never arrive

It's important to understand that AcyMailing does not send your emails: they are sent by the sending method you chose in the configuration. So if this sending method does not tell AcyMailing if there was an issue on the email send, the email is considered as sent. If it's the case, you should change your sending method to an other one (like an SMTP service).

It is also possible that your emails ended up in the SPAM folder, if so, you should do a SPAM-test and fix all the found issues.

AcyMailing tells me the Newsletter will be sent to 35 users but I have 281 users, why?

Please make sure that:

  • Your users are subscribed to at least one of the lists you selected for that Newsletter

  • Your users are enabled

  • Your users are confirmed (only if you require a confirmation on the AcyMailing configuration page)

  • Your users accept to receive messages

  • If you added a filter on your Newsletter, please make sure it selects the right users

You can use our filters/actions interface to mass confirm, enable or subscribe users to your lists.

Could not instantiate mail function

There are many reasons to get this error message when you try to send a Newsletter... But they are all listed here!

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