plugin: K2 items


You can also use this plugin to automatically include your newly created (or modified) K2 items in an Auto-newsletter or a Newsletter.

You can search in all your K2 items and then click on one of the item to include it in your Newsletter.

You can download the K2 plugin on our plugin section then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.


Single Item

K2 Item

You can use this interface to insert any K2 item in your Newsletter.

Each item can be selected one by one.

  • Display: select the part of the content you want to display

    • Title Only: only the title

    • Intro Only: the title and everything before the "read more" link

    • Text: the title and everything after the "read more" link

    • Full text: the title and the entire content

  • Display pictures: when creating a K2 item, you can attach a picture to your item. You can decide to display or not this picture in your Newsletter.

  • Clickable Title: make your title clickable (so linked to your online version) or not.

  • Additional parameters:

    • notitle : the tag will be replaced without adding the title Example: {k2:151|type:intro|notitle} will be replaced by the introduction of the content ID 151 without the title

    • readmore : This parameter enables you to force AcyMailing to use another "read more" text instead of the default one. This parameter can be very useful if you have a multi-lingual website so you can make sure the read more link will be translated in the right language. Example {k2:151|type:intro|readmore:Click here to read the full story!}

    • created : If you add this parameter to your tag, then the article created date will be displayed. Example {k2:151|type:intro|created}

    • itemid : AcyMailing will automatically attach your read more link to a menu ID. You can nevertheless force AcyMailing to use the one you want if you specify one via the parameter itemid. Example {k2:151|type:intro|itemid:22}

    • autologin : If you add this parameter, AcyMailing will add the username and encrypted password to the article link so if the user clicks on it, he will be automatically logged if you installed the AutoLogin plugin for Joomla.

    • customfields : If you add this parameter, the K2 custom fields will be displayed in your Newsletter (please update to the latest version of our K2 plugin for that as it has been developed on 2012 April, 20)

    • excludedcf: If you chosen to display the custom fields, you can add this other hidden parameter to exclude some custom fields by listing their ID separated by a coma, for example: {k2:228|option1:val1|customfields|excludedcf:12,48}

    • attachments : If you add this parameter, the K2 attachments will be added to your Newsletter (please update to the latest version of our K2 plugin for that as it has been developed on 2012 April, 20)

    • dateformat: You can add "|dateformat:l, d F Y" in the inserted tag to apply your own format on the displayed dates. The format keys can be found here.


K2 categories

You can select one or several K2 categories and AcyMailing will automatically include the K2 items belonging to the selected categories.

  • Maximum Number of Articles: The inserted tag will be replaced by a maximum of X K2 items.

  • Minimum Number of Articles: This option will only be displayed if you access this plugin for a Smart-Newsletter. AcyMailing will only generates your Smart-Newsletter if the minimum number of K2 items found is reached.

  • Filter: This option will only be displayed if you access this plugin for a Smart-Newsletter. You can set a rule so that only newly created or modified K2 items are added to your Newsletter.

  • Additional parameters:

    • featured : If you add this parameter, only articles marked as "featured" will be selected Example: {autok2:151|type:intro|featured}

    • nofeatured : If you add this parameter, only articles marked as "not featured" will be selected.

    • tags : On top of the categories, you can also filter your K2 articles by tags. Each tag should be separated by a comma. If you insert several tags, only articles containing ALL tags will be selected: Example: {autok2:|tags:sport,tennis} This will select all K2 articles attached to the tags sport AND tennis.

    • start : Enables you to skip the first X articles and display only the ones after... Example : {autok2:|start:1} will display all K2 articles except the first one.

    • access : If you edit the plugin parameters, you will be able to configure the access level so only public or registered articles will be selected (this option is only available with J1.5). You can overwrite this parameter by entering the access parameter directly in your tag (that will work for all J! version). Enter directly the ID of your access level in the tag using the parameter. Example: {autok2:|access:1} will select only articles set with the access=1


K2 parameters

  • Intro Word Wrapping : If you insert only the introduction, AcyMailing will insert all the text before the "read more" link. But if you didn't insert the read more link in your K2 Content, AcyMailing will only load the first XX characters of your content. If you specify 0 and you didn't add the "read more" link, AcyMailing won't wrap your content and load the entire article.

  • Display articles: This parameter enables you to filter the list of K2 items in the tag system

    • All articles: AcyMailing will display all your K2 items

    • Only published articles: AcyMailing will only display your published K2 items

  • Remove javascript: This option enables you to remove any javascript code included in your K2 item as the javascript won't work in most of mail clients.

  • Content Access : This option enables you to determine what kind of K2 item access AcyMailing should include when you include K2 items using the categories feature.

  • Max Picture Height : AcyMailing can automatically resize your pictures. If so, this maximum height will be used.

  • Max Picture Width : AcyMailing can automatically resize your pictures. If so, this maximum width will be used.

  • Default Itemid : If you created a menu attached to K2 articles, you can enter the menu ID in this field so Acy will add it to the read more links in order for the user to be redirected to the right page.

Customize your K2 item template

Customize your item using some CSS

You can change the styles used for the title and the content area by editing your AcyMailing template.

Edit the AcyMailing template used for your Newsletter and then set some styles:

  • Style for the content area will be used to encompass your K2 item

  • Style for the content title will be applied to your content title

  • Style for the read more link will be applied to your read more link (if you have one)

  • You can also set the style of all your links using the Link a field

Set styles template

Create your own template

You can also modify the way your K2 item is displayed by creating your own template which will be used to render the K2 item. Please follow those instructions, we don't recommend you to modify the K2element plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update AcyMailing.

Create a file in the the folder media / com_acymailing / plugins (if the folder does not exists, please create it first). The folder used to be components/com_acymailing/templates/plugins in older versions. The name of the file should be k2element.php If this file is available on your server, AcyMailing will use it and won't use the default one.

On this file you can access the element $article (which is the article object loaded from the content table) and the element $tag (which contains the information of the current tag used in your Newsletter) You can also include the information you want using a simple tag, for example {title} will insert $article->title

You can display:

  • the title of your item: {title}

  • the intro of your article: {introtext}

  • the full content of your article: {fulltext}

  • the url of your article: {link}

  • the category name of your article: {cattitle}

  • the category alias of your article: {catalias}

Using all those variables, you can create your own content template.

Here is an example:

<div class="acymailing_content"><a href="{link}" name="k2content-{id}" target="_blank" ><h2 class="acymailing_title">{title}</h2></a>{imageLink}{introtext}<br/>{fulltext}</div>

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