plugin: K2Store


This plugin enables you to insert products (one by one or by a selection on one or several categories) from K2Store in your Newsletters.

You can also use this plugin to automatically include your newly created (or modified) products in an Auto-newsletter.

You can search in all your K2Store products and then click on one of the products to include it in your Newsletter.

You can also create coupons for your receivers, attach them to K2Store products or categories the same way you do in the component.

If you purchased at least one commercial version of AcyMailing, you can download the K2Store plugin then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.

Here is an example of inserted product:


Single Product

You can use this interface to insert any K2Store product in your Newsletter.

Each product can be selected one by one.

  • Display and Custom fields: Select the information to display with the product

  • Clickable Title: Make the title clickable (so linked to your online version) or not.

  • Read More: Add a "Read more" link at the end of the product (so linked to your online version)

  • Display pictures: You can decide to display or not the main picture of the product.

  • Truncate the text after...: It will truncate the product description, keep "0" or empty if you do not want to truncate it

  • Additional parameters:

    • itemid: it will add the specified itemid in the link

    • lang: If you have Joomfish of FaLang, you can select the language the product should be translated to

    • onlyintro: It will display only the intro text

    • onlyFinalPrice: It will not display the old price, only the final one

    • nofloat: avoid the floating CSS rule on the main picture


You can select one or several K2Store categories and AcyMailing will automatically include the products belonging to the selected categories.

  • Max. Number of items: The inserted tag will be replaced by a maximum of X products.

  • Min. Number of items: This option will only be displayed if you access this plugin for a Smart-Newsletter. AcyMailing will only generates your Smart-Newsletter if the minimum number of products found is reached.

  • Filter: This option will only be displayed if you access this plugin for a Smart-Newsletter. You can set a rule so that only newly created products are added to your Newsletter.

  • Order by: order the products by ID, title, etc...

  • Columns: display the products in one, two or more columns


You can create a coupon for each of your receivers with this tab, note that the "Coupon code" and "Value" fields are mandatory

  • Coupon name: If kept empty, the coupon code will be taken as name

  • Coupon code: The code of the coupon, you can use [name], [key], [value], [subid] and [email] in this field, it will be replaced by the corresponding values.

  • Value: Obviously mandatory, it is the numeric value of the coupon

  • Value type: Either a percentage or a fixed value

  • Valid from: If you select 3 months in the third option, the coupon will be available 3 months after sending the newsletter

  • Valid to: The same as the "Valid from" option

  • Products: You can choose to attach the generated coupons to some specific products, write here the products IDs separated by a coma

  • Product categories: You can choose to attach the generated coupons to some specific categories, write here the categories IDs separated by a coma

  • Customer login: Should the user be logged in to use the coupon?


With this filter, you can filter your AcyMailing users based on their purchases.

  • You can filter the users by bought products

  • You can filter the users by categories the bought products belong to

  • Specify the status or let "All status"

  • Specify or not the payment method

  • Specify or not the created date ({time} will put the current time, "-86400" will remove 86400 seconds, so one day)


  • Display content: This parameter enables you to filter the list of K2Store products in the tag system

    • All products: AcyMailing will display all your products

    • Only published products: AcyMailing will only display your published products

  • Front-end Access: You can limit the access to this plugin in the Front-end

Customize your K2Store product template

Customize your product using some CSS

You can change the styles used for the title and the content area by editing your AcyMailing template.

Edit the AcyMailing template used for your Newsletter and then set some styles:

  • Style for the content area will be used to encompass your product

  • Style for the content title will be applied to your product title

  • Style for the read more link will be applied to your read more link (if you have one)

  • You can also set the style of all your links using the Link a field

Set styles template

Create your own template

You can also modify the way your K2Store product is displayed by creating your own template which will be used to render the product. Please follow those instructions, we don't recommend you to modify the K2Store plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update the plugin.

Create a file in the the folder media / com_acymailing / plugins (if the folder does not exist, please create it first). The name of the file should be k2store.php If this file is available on your server, AcyMailing will use it and won't use the default one.

On this file you can access the element $varFields (which contains all the product information), the element $tag (which contains the information of the current tag used in your Newsletter) and $link (the product link)

You can insert the product information using this simple syntax : {title}, {rating}, {link} or {fulltext}

You can access the price options with this syntax: {opt|option_name} The same way, you can access the custom fields like this: {cf|field_name}

Using all those variables, you can create your own product template.

Here is an example:

<div class="acymailing_content">
    <a href="{link}" name="k2store-{p_id}" target="_blank" >
        <h2 class="acymailing_title">{title}</h2>
    <a href="{link}" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none" >
        <img src="{imagePath}" alt=""/>
    Price: {price} 
    Rating: {rating}/5 

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