Plugin: VirtueMart


You can search in all your products and then click on one of the product to include it in your Newsletter.

AcyMailing will replace the generated tag by the name, the price (with or without VAT based on your plugin configuration) the main picture and the short description or the full description of your product (based on your configuration).

You can also use this plugin in a Smart-Newsletter or in a Newsletter to include a series of products based on the VirtueMart categories. For example, you can create a Smart-Newsletter and include a tag to send the newly created products belonging to one or several categories.

This plugin is downloadable if you own one of our commercial versions.


Single product

  • You can use our VM plugin to insert VirtueMart products in your Newsletter

VM Products

  • Display: Choose the information you want to display (only the title, title + introtext or title + full text)

  • Custom fields: You can choose to display or not the custom fields with this option

  • Shopper group: This option enables you to display the prices for a specific shopper group. If you leave it empty, the default shopper group will be taken (or yours as you are logged in when previewing the newsletter)

  • Display pictures: You can choose to display or not the pictures and resize them

  • Clickable title: Add or not a link to your product on the title

  • Read more: Add or not a "Read more" link at the end of the product

  • Truncate the text after xx characters: Truncates the description of the product

On top of the displayed parameters, you can also use:

  • noprice : This parameter enables you to hide the product price. Example : {autovmproduct:6|type:full|noprice}

  • onlyfinalprice : This parameter enables you to display only the final price (if available) or the normal price if there isn't any final price Example : {autovmproduct:6|type:full|onlyfinalprice}

  • wraptitle : This parameter enables you to limit the number of characters on the product title Example : {autovmproduct:6|type:full|wraptitle:50}

  • itemid: You can specify the itemid attached to your products

Products by category

  • You can also use our VM plugin to insert your newly created products in a Smart-Newsletter

VM Categories

  • Max. number of items: Maximum number of productions inserted with your tag

  • Order by: Order the inserted products the way you want

  • Manufacturer: Filter the inserted products per manufacturer

  • Columns: Display the inserted products 1, 2 or more per line in your newsletter

  • Min. number of items: This option is only available in an auto-newsletter. If the tag doesn't insert at least the specified number of products, the auto-newsletter will not be generated.

  • Filter: This option is only available in an auto-newsletter. You can choose to insert only newly created products (since the last time the auto-newsletter has been generated) with this option.

  • Additional parameters:

    • featured: If you add "|featured" to a category tag, the plugin will insert only featured products


You can generate and include in your Newsletter a personal VirtueMart Coupon Discount specially and automatically created for each receiver.

If you want to create a generic coupon valid for all your users, then there is no point to use this plugin: simply create the coupon in VirtueMart and include the code in your newsletter.

VirtueMart Coupon

  • Coupon Code : This field indicates the code your visitor will have to enter to use the coupon on your shop. You can include in this coupon code tags which will be replaced during the send process :

    • [name] : will be replaced by the name of your user

    • [key] : will be replaced by a random key of 5 characters

    • [value] : will be replaced by the value of your coupon (you can directly replace it by the value of your coupon as it will be the same)

    • [subid] : will be replaced by the receiver's ID

    • [email] : will be replaced by the receiver's e-mail address

    • You can also add any string if you want... the coupon code "discountFor[name]" will be replaced by "dicountForJohn" during the send process.

  • Value : Please enter the value of your coupon. It must be a numeric value.

  • Permanent / Gift :

    • Permanent : the generated coupon will be a permanent one so it could be used for more than one order

    • Gift : the generated coupon will be a gift so it can be used for only one order

  • Percent / Total :

    • Percent : The value is a percentage (so, if you enter 20 in the field "value", it will be 20%)

    • Total : The value is a fixed discount (so, if you enter 20 in the field "value", it will be 20$ (depending on your currency))

  • Minimum total order : The minimum amount for the coupon to be available during an order

  • Coupon start/expiry date : You can specify the availability of the coupon (start date and expiry date) with those options. You can either specify a fixed date (i.e 2015-06-24) or a delay after the email is received (i.e 2 weeks after the email is sent)

Shopper fields

  • You can also insert the shopper fields in your newsletter with this plugin

VM fields


Purchased products

You can filter your users based on the fact they bought or didn't buy a specific product from VirtueMart, or at least one product in a category.

You can also specify a range of date on the order created date.

VM Orders

If you leave a field empty (for the created date), AcyMailing won't add the condition.

This filter will select only users who purchased AcyMailing Enterprise before May the 24th, 2010.

The created date can be handled dynamically if you want to save this filter and execute it automatically.

That way, you can automatically send an e-mail to a user once he bought a product from your store or subscribe your user to a list and/or a campaign.

Shopper groups

You can filter your users based on their shopper group in VirtueMart

Shopper Group

VirtueMart fields

You can set a filter on any information of the VirtueMart User profile

VM Fields


Vm product parameters

  • Custom template: If you need to completely modify the layout of the inserted products, you can create your own layout with this option (you will find an example at then end of this documentation)

  • Add the tax to the price: This option speaks for itself

  • Only products in stock: You can choose to display only products in stock in the popup for tag creation

  • Default Itemid: You can specify the itemid attached to all your products with this option

  • Front-end access: You can restrict the access to this plugin on the Front-end

Customize your product template

By default, AcyMailing will display your product like the following screenshot:

preview products

You can change the styles used for the product title and the product area by editing your AcyMailing template.

You can also modify the way your product is displayed by creating your own template which will be used to render the product. Please follow those instructions, we don't recommend you to modify the plugin directly otherwise your changes will be overwritten when you update AcyMailing.

Go in the VirtueMart plugin's configuration and click on the "Custom template" button. If you save a custom template, AcyMailing will use it and won't use the default one anymore. If you want to use back the default layout, delete or rename the file media / com_acymailing / plugins / tagvmproduct.php

On this file you can access to the element $product (which is the product object loaded from the vm_product table) and the $varFields one (that contains every data you can access with the {field} syntax).

You can display:

  • the name of your product: {product_name}

  • the full description of your product: {description}

  • the short description of your product: {product_s_desc}

  • the currency of your product: {product_currency}

  • the price of your product: {price} or {pice2}

  • the price of the product with the currency : {finalPrice}

  • the product picture : {mainpicture}

  • the url of your product: {link}

Using all those variables, you can create your own product template.

By default AcyMailing uses:

<div class="acymailing_content"> 
    <a style="text-decoration:none;" name="product-{id}" target="_blank" href="{link}"> 
        <h2 class="acymailing_title"> {product_name} {finalPrice} </h2> 
            <td valign="top" style="padding-right:5px"> {mainpicture} </td> 
            <td> {description} </td> 

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