Plugin: VirtueMart Coupons


This plugin enables you to generate and include in your Newsletter a personal VirtueMart Coupon Discount.

For each receiver, AcyMailing will first add a new coupon in VirtueMart and then include it in your Newsletter.

Please enter your options and then click on the button "insert the tag" to insert your tag in the Newsletter.

This plugin is automatically installed with AcyMailing Enterprise.

If you want to create a generic coupon valid for all your users, then there is no point to use this plugin: simply create the coupon in VirtueMart and include the code in your newsletter.


VirtueMart Coupon

  • Coupon Code : This field indicates the code your visitor will have to enter to use the coupon on your shop. You can include in this coupon code tags which will be replaced during the send process :

    • [name] : will be replaced by the name of your user

    • [key] : will be replaced by a random key of 5 characters

    • [value] : will be replaced by the value of your coupon (you can directly replace it by the value of your coupon as it will be the same)

    • [subid] : will be replaced by the receiver's ID

    • [email] : will be replaced by the receiver's e-mail address

    • You can also add any string if you want... the coupon code "discountFor[name]" will be replaced by "dicountForJohn" during the send process.

  • Value : Please enter the value of your coupon. It must be a numeric value.

  • Permanent / Gift :

    • Permanent : the generated coupon will be a permanent one so it could be used for more than one order

    • Gift : the generated coupon will be a gift so it can be used for only one order

  • Percent / Total :

    • Percent : The value is a percentage (so, if you enter 20 in the field "value", it will be 20%)

    • Total : The value is a fixed discount (so, if you enter 20 in the field "value", it will be 20$ (depending on your currency))

  • Minimum total order : The minimum amount for the coupon to be available during an order

  • Coupon start/expiry date : You can specify the availability of the coupon (start date and expiry date) with those options. You can either specify a fixed date (i.e 2015-06-24) or a delay after the email is received (i.e 2 weeks after the email is sent)


There are no parameters for this functionality.

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