Plugin: redEvent


You can also use this plugin to automatically include your upcoming events in an Auto-newsletter or a Newsletter.

You can search in all your events and then click on one of the events to include it in your Newsletter.

Install the plugin

  • Log in to your backend and click on the menu "Extensions -> Install / Uninstall".

  • Browse for the plugin you just downloaded and then click on the button "Upload File & Install".

  • You should now see the AcyMailing : insert events from redEvent plugin in the list of plugins. Don't forget to publish this plugin.


Single Event


You can use this interface to insert any event in your Newsletter.

Each event can be selected one by one.

Upcoming Events


You can select one or several event categories and AcyMailing will automatically include the upcoming events from the selected categories when their starting date is inferior to the maximum starting date you specified.

  • Maximum Number of Articles: The inserted tag will be replaced by a maximum of X events.

  • Maximum Starting Date: AcyMailing will only include events when their starting date is less than X days after the current time. You can define this delay using this parameter.

  • Minimum Number of Articles: This option will only be displayed if you access this plugin for a Smart-Newsletter. AcyMailing will only generate your Smart-Newsletter if the minimum number of events found is reached.



  • Hide Past Events : This option enables you to display or not the past events in the Event selection.

  • Event Template : By default, AcyMailing will replace the inserted tag by the event description but you can create your own event template by filling this parameter on the plugin configuration. You can insert html code and tags which will be replaced by the content of the inserted event.

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