AcyMailing plugin : table of contents generator


This plugin is automatically installed with all our versions and enables you to generate a table of contents in your Newsletter.


When creating a Newsletter or a template, click on the "tags" button to access this page.

By default you can insert a table of contents based on your existing anchors (all elements inserted via our tag system have already defined anchors so if you included articles via our tag system, that's the one you should use!).

If you inserted text by yourself, you can configure the table of contents to load elements based on their type (H1,H2...) or based on a defined class.

You can also define a second level to create table of contents with two levels.

table of contents


If you access the plugin via the AcyMailing configuration page, you will be able to set the default Divider used to display your table of contents.

Table of contents parameters

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