Plugin: Call to action

What's a Call to action?

A call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit our store today". A great Call-to-Action has to be outstanding, extremely clear and visually different from the rest of your text !

Adding a nice big button in the email is one of the best weapon to help your users understand what do you expect from them.


This plugin enables you to insert one or several Call to Action in your Newsletters. This plugin is already included in AcyMailing Enterprise and Multi-site edition, you simply have to publish it to use it.


You can use this interface to build your Call to Action the way you want.

  • Button text: The text displayed on your button (mandatory as the link is added on the text)

  • Font color: The color of the text, you can directly put the color code if you know it or select the right color with the color picker

  • Link: The link of you button (mandatory)

  • Background Colour: The colour of your button

  • Width: The width of the text column (not the entire button)

  • Alignment: Choose if you want to insert the button on the left, right or center it

  • Left icon: The icon used on the left of the text

  • Right icon: The icon used on the right of the text

You can add your own icons in the media/com_acymailing/plugins/calltoaction/ folder, please make sure to resize your pictures first. (maximum height and width:30px)

Once you click on the "Insert the tag" button, your personalized button will be inserted in your newsletter as you built it:

You can refine the design by using some CSS rules in the newsletter template you're using. Here are the classes you can use:

  • actionbutton: This class is added on the parent element of your button

  • toprow: This class is added on the first line of the table

  • contentrow: This class is added on the main line of the table (where the content is displayed)

  • bottomrow: This class is added on the last row of the table

In some mail clients the border radius CSS rule may not be applied (such as Outlook 07 / 10 / 13, Office 365 and Yahoo! mail)


There are currently no parameters for this plugin, simply publish it to be able to use it.

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