Plugin: Date - Time


This plugin enables you to include in your Newsletter or any other e-mail a date / time. It can be the current date (during the send process) or the Newsletter global send date and you add or remove some time to that date in order to display the date two days after the send date for example.


When writing a Newsletter (or any other e-mail in AcyMailing...), click on the Tag button to access the AcyMailing tag system.

Click on one of the format field to directly see the tag inserted in your Newsletter.

You can copy/paste the generated tag in your Text area or even in the Subject of your Newsletter if you want to.

Tag time

You can click on one of the line to insert the time with the corresponding format.

You can modify the inserted tag and apply some extra options:

  • senddate : By default, AcyMailing will display the current time. You can add this parameter to display the Newsletter send date instead of the current time. Example: {date:1|senddate}

  • add : You can add X seconds to the current time. For example, if you want to display tomorrow's date, you can use: {date:1|add:86400}

  • remove : You can remove X seconds to the current time. For example, if you want to display yesterday's date, you can use: {date:1|remove:86400}

You can specify the format you want and Acy will use it to display the date the way you want. For example, {date:%B %d, %Y} will be replaced by June 3, 2013 %B : Full month name %m : Two digit representation of the month %d : Two-digit day of the month (with leading zeros) %Y : Four digit representation for the year %y : Two digit representation of the year (with leading zeros)


There is no parameters for this AcyMailing Plugin.

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