Plugin: Joomla Module Loader


This plugin enables you to include in your Newsletter a Joomla Module.

Even if you can include absolutely all Joomla Modules, some Joomla Modules won't work in your Newsletter because they use Javascript, Flash or iFrames (these methods are not allowed in an e-mail).

Our plugin to load any Joomla Module in your Newsletter requires the PHP function file_get_contents(). You can easily test your PHP configuration to make sure you can use it by editing the plugin and clicking on the test button.

This plugin is only available with AcyMailing Enterprise.


You can see a list of available modules. We already removed Joomla's non compatible Modules from this list so if you don't see one module in this listing, that means you can not insert it in your Newsletter.

Click on one of your module to see the tag inserted in your Newsletter.

Plugin Module Loader


You can access this plugin parameters from the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "Plugins".


  • We developed two options to load your module so if you can not get it to work with the file_get_contents function, you can give it a try with the Curl method.

  • You can click on the test button to test your php configuration and make sure the plugin will work (don't forget to apply the changes before testing).

If you see this popup, your PHP Configuration is valid and you will be able to use this plugin to load any Joomla Module.


Nevertheless, if after 20 seconds the page is still not loaded or you see this error message, you should ask your provider to allow the file_get_contents() function at least on your own domain name.


If this plugin does work on localhost, please change your url to, and you should be able to test it.

Working modules

The following modules have been tested and can be included in a Newsletter. If your module is not in this list, please give it a try and let us know if it worked or not so that we can add it in the appropriate list.

  • mod_archive

  • mod_banners (flash banners can not work in an e-mail)

  • mod_custom

  • mod_footer

  • mod_jevents_latest (JEvents Latest Events)

  • mod_latestnews (Latest Articles)

  • mod_mainmenu

  • mod_mostread

  • mod_newsflash

  • mod_random_image

  • mod_rquotes

  • mod_search

  • mod_section

  • mod_stats

  • mod_we_ufeed_display (Ultimate Feed Display)

  • mod_whosonline

  • Latest Blogs from MyBlog

  • Latest Reviews from JReviews

  • Latest Listings from JReviews

Not working modules

The following modules have been tested and can not be included in a Newsletter:

  • mod_acymailing (as it uses JS)

  • mod_gtranslate (as it uses Ajax)

  • mod_login (as it uses a security key)

  • mod_wrapper (as is uses iframe)

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