Plugin: Joomla User


This plugin enables you to include in your Newsletter or any other e-mail Joomla Information on the user (Group, Username...).

This plugin only works if all your visitors are linked to a Joomla User! If you allow simple visitors to subscribe to your Mailing Lists, you may have subscribers in AcyMailing which are not registered on your website so this plugin won't be able to replace the information in that case (the tag will be simply ignored and replaced with an empty string).


When writing a Newsletter, click on the Tag button to access the AcyMailing tag system and being able to include any personal information in your Newsletter.

Click on one of the user field to directly see the tag inserted in your Newsletter.

You can copy/paste the generated tag in your Text area or even in the Subject of your Newsletter if you want to.

We voluntarily removed the "password" field for two reasons : First, the password is encrypted in Joomla so it's useless to try to insert it in a Newsletter; Then, because it would weaken the security on your website if the receiver forwards his Newsletter and that's definitely the last thing we want to do.

User Plugin


  • Display filter: Display or not the user filters in the "Filters" part of the newsletter edition page

  • Front-end Access: You can restrict the access to this plugin on the Front-end using this option

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add the User Password in my Newsletter?

You cannot.

The User password is encrypted in your database so even if AcyMailing is technically able to add it in your Newsletter, AcyMailing cannot get the real password (the non-encrypted one). To avoid any surprise using this field, we decided to remove it from the list of available fields. If you want to insert the encrypted password in your Newsletter, you can use the tag {usertag:password}

I added the tag {usertag:name} but some of my users received their Newsletter with an empty result, why?

This plugin adds information from the Joomla User table so AcyMailing will be able to add the correct value only if all your users have their AcyMailing account linked to a registered User in Joomla.

You should rather use the Subscriber plugin to add the name of your users to be sure that the name will be always populated.

How can I add the information about the logged in user

When doing a manual sending, if you want to add tags about the Joomla user logged in, you should use the extra parameter |info:current For example if you want to have the email of the logged in user, you should use: {usertag:email|info:current}

You should not use this when doing an automatic sending as the automatic process does not have a logged in user.

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