Plugin : Statistics


This plugin enables you to add a picture in your Newsletter which will handle the statistics (who opened your e-mail, when...).

By default the plugin will add in all your e-mails a little blank picture but you can change the parameters to add your own picture instead of the useless blank one.


Stat params

  • Stat picture : Relative path of the statistic picture on your website. By default it will be a small blank picture. Only PNG format will be accepted.

  • Alt text : You can define the "alt text" you want, it will be applied to the statistics picture.

  • Stat picture width : Width of the statistic picture. This width should be modified if you change the statistic picture by your own one.

  • Stat picture height : Height of the statistic picture. This height should be modified if you change the statistic picture by your own one.

  • Display filter : By default the statistics filter won't appear when you create a Newsletter. Why? So you don't re-send your Newsletter based on that filter by mistake! If you want to use it, you can turn ON this option.

Change your statistic picture

By default a small invisible blank picture will be added at the end of your e-mail. Nevertheless, for any reason, you might want to change this picture and use your own one.

  • Edit the statistics plugin and change the stat picture (please remember you can only use PNG images).

  • Set the right width and height of your picture in the plugin

  • Save the plugin

So now, AcyMailing will add your own picture in all html e-mails sent by AcyMailing.

You can send to yourself a test of your Newsletter to make sure this is done properly.

But you might also want to change the place where the picture is displayed in your Newsletter. For that, you can use the tag {statpicture} in your Newsletter and this tag will be replaced by the statistic picture (instead of being added at the end of the e-mail).

For example, on we specified our own picture (Acyba Services) so that when we create a Newsletter, the statistic picture is our own logo.

In some cases you will also want to remove your statistic picture for an important e-mail (that should reduce your spam score). If you want to do that on one specific e-mail without having to turn off the stat plugin, simply add the tag {nostatpicture} at the end of your Newsletter.

Insert statistic charts in your newsletters

With this plugin, you can also insert statistic charts in your newsletters, to send statistic reports to a group of managers for example.

Note that the statistics take some time to be collected (all your users don't open your newsletter a minute after it is sent) so don't send the statistics just after sending the newsletter, you should wait at least 4 days!


  • Graphs: Select the charts you want to insert in the newsletter

  • Tags: You can filter the newsletters based on their tags with this option. If you enter two or more tags, it will take the newsletter having at least one of the selected tags.

  • Max. number of newsletters: you can limit the number of newsletter reports with this option.

  • Order by: Order the selected newsletters per ID, subject, send date or randomly.

Here is an example of what you could get:


  • Sent: It will show you the type of email (if you sent it in HTML or in plain text)

  • Status: It will show you the status of all the sent emails (not opened / opened / bounced / unsubscribed / failed)

  • Devices: It shows on what device your users opened the newsletter (on a computer or a mobile device) It will also display a chart showing the mobile devices

  • Browsers: It shows with which browser the users that opened your newsletter used (only for those who opened on a computer)

  • Click Statistics: A simple chart that shows how many users clicked on at least one link of your newsletter

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