Share your Newsletter on social networks


This plugin enables you to add share icons in your Newsletter so your receivers can share your Newsletter on their facebook, twitter, linkedin or google+ accounts.


When you edit your Newsletter, click on the "tags" button and select the "share on..." menu to access this screen.

Simply click on the icon you want to insert in your Newsletter, AcyMailing will automatically generate the right link to share your Newsletter.

All pictures included in the media/com_acymailing folder are displayed there if they contain the word facebook, linkedin, twitter, hyves or google so if you want to use your own picture, simply add it to the media/com_acymailing/templates folder and it will be visible there as well.

Social network share


Share parameters

  • In the plugin parameters (accessible from the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "plugins"), you will find an option so you can choose if the Newsletter is displayed inside your Joomla template with its modules/menus or in a standalone page.

Force facebook to use the picture you want

Facebook will automatically pick up a picture within your page... it may not be the picture you wanted to share.

To force Facebook to share the picture you want, edit one of your picture and apply the class "pictshare" or the id "pictshare" to it. AcyMailing will detect it and will add it in your header as og:image

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