Plugin: Autotweet NG


This plugin enables the Autotweet NG component to auto-publish the AcyMailing newsletters using the channels you created.

If you own one of our paid versions, you can download this plugin then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.


You'll have first to create some channels if you didn't do it yet. Once done, you can create the rule that will publish your newsletters:

In this example, the newsletters will be published on Tweeter. Once done, each time a newsletter is sent, a new record will be created in Autotweet NG, like this:

In this example, the newsletter "Newsletter" was sent two times to the selected list.


  • Autopublish: Choose if you want to approve or not the generated records

  • Show URL: This is the same option as in Autotweet, choose if you want to add the link at the end/beginning of the content or if you don't want to add the link

  • Lists: If some lists are selected, only newsletters sent to at least one of these lists will be shared with AutotweetNG

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