Plugin: Create Joomla user


This plugin automatically creates a Joomla account for the users subscribing to AcyMailing using the module.

You can download it on our plugins section then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.

This plugin will not create Joomla accounts when importing AcyMailing users using the "Import" menu, only manually created users will be taken into account.


  • Group ID: You can specify a default user group. If you don't do it, Acy will use the default one

  • Subscribed lists: You can restrict the Joomla account auto-creation for the users subscribing to one or more specific lists

  • Opt-in custom field: You can add a custom field to your form (like a radio-buttons field) to let the users choose whether or not a Joomla account should be created

  • Active on Back-end: By default, this plugin is disabled on the back-end so when you manually create a subscriber, it won't create a Joomla user

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