plugin: Export users in mass action


This plugin enables you to export your AcyMailing subscribers in the mass actions available in the AcyMailing pages (In the "Filters" page and in the subscribers listing when clicking on the "Actions" button). You can download this plugin on our plugins section then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.


First select the fields you want to export, then modify the path of the exported file if you want. Note that, like in this example, you can insert a part of the exporting date in the file name so that you can create and save an automatic filter that will export regularly your subscribers (so it will not override the previous exported files).

Once your users are exported, you will get a success message that reminds you where the file was exported. If any error occurs when exporting your users, the error message will be shown the same way.


There are currently no parameters for this plugin, simply install and publish it.

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