Plugin: Modify user group


This plugin enables you to manage the user groups using our mass actions system.

You can also use this plugin to automatically remove / add a user from / to a group using our Cron Task.

You can download this plugin on our plugins section, then install and publish it like a standard Joomla plugin.

This filter will only work with J2.5 and J3.X, as in Joomla 1.5 there is only one usergroup at a time


You can add your AcyMailing subscribers to a group and/or remove them from an other one.

  • Group: Select the group you want your users to be removed from and/or select the group you want your users to be added to.

You can enable or block the Joomla user account of your AcyMailing subscribers using this action.


There are currently no parameters for this plugin, simply install and publish it.

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