Universal filter plugin

You can download this additional plugin via our plugins section. Once installed, this plugin will add four new options to the AcyMailing filtering system:

Simple Query (also called Universal filter)

This option enables you to execute a simple query on the table you want in your current database.

This filter is a simplified version of the Query filter (see below).

Universal filter

  • Table Name: specify the table name

  • User field: AcyMailing must identify the user by its Joomla user ID or by its email address. You can specify in this field the name of the Joomla User ID column in your table or the name of the e-mail column.

  • Where: The first parameter should be one of the column from your table, you can then specify the operator and the value you want.

Advanced Query

This filter will enable you to execute any kind of query to filter your users, from the current database or even from an external database (if you have access to).


  • The first dropdown enables you to specify if the query executed will select e-mail addresses or Joomla user IDs.

  • The second dropdown enables you to select if AcyMailing should exclude (NOT IN) or include (IN) the selected users.

  • You can write your query in the textarea. Please not that you can enter time tags, so you could add some conditions on a date, for example: SELECT email FROM #__acymailing_subscriber WHERE created > {time-86400} AND created < {time} will select Acy users created in the past day. 86400 is a number of seconds.

  • Database information: you can specify there the access to an external database. If you leave the Database Host field empty, AcyMailing will execute the query on your current database.

Example: send a Newsletter to 50th subscribers

If you want to set up a system to automatically send a Newsletter to your 50th, 100th, 150th subscribers... then you could set up an automatic filter using AcyMailing Enterprise with the following configuration.

We added an additional filter "Statistics => Not sent" to make sure Acy will not send again the same message to the same user (as this filter can be configured to be executed automatically every day).

Query example


This filter enables you to import users in AcyMailing via database.

You will find a similar interface on our "import via database" feature but the fact you have it in the filters enables you to directly execute actions on these users and even automate that task.


This filter enables you to extract e-mail addresses from a text and then execute actions on the found e-mail addresses.

This filter is extremely useful if your host does not enable you to handle bounce messages but enables you to download a file containing all returned e-mail addresses so you can just copy/paste the content of that file and then execute an action on the selected users (you could block them for example).


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