Plugin: MightyRegistration


This plugin enables you to include in your Newsletter or any other e-mail the User's Information from Mighty Registration.

This plugin only works if all your visitors are linked to a Mighty Registration user ! If you allow simple visitors to subscribe to your Mailing Lists, you may have subscribers in AcyMailing which are not registered on your website so this plugin won't be able to replace the information in that case (the tag will simply be ignored and replaced with an empty string).


Click on one of the Mighty Registration user field to directly see the tag inserted in your Newsletter.

You can copy/paste the generated tag in your Text area or even in the Subject of your Newsletter if you want to.


This plugin enables you to use Acymailing filter with your Mighty Registration fields.

Once you are on the filters page of Acymailing you have to choose in all the fields you created for the Mighty Registration component the one you want, choose an operator ( , !=, IN, NOT IN ....) and a value, Acymailing will display the number of users you have selected with this set.

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