Plugin: AltaUserPoints

This plugin enables you to integrate AcyMailing with AltauserPoints. You can download it then install and enable it like a standard Joomla plugin

Insert AltaUserPoints user information in your Newsletter

When creating a Newsletter, click on the button "tags" to access our tag system.

Click on the menu AltaUserPoints to insert user information in your Newsletter such as its number of points.

AlphaUserPoints integration

Add/remove points when the user subscribes/unsubscribes from AcyMailing

  • The function plgaup_com_acymailing_subscriptionok is triggered when the user subscribes to a list.

  • The function plgaup_com_acymailing_subscriptionoff is triggered when the user unsubscribes from a list.

To enable that feature, you should access AltaUserPoints, create rules for each of these functions and specify the number of points you want to add or remove.


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