Plugin: ExtendedReg Profile Information


This plug-in enables you to add information of an ExtendedReg profile in your Newsletter.
This plug-in only works if all your users are linked to a Joomla User! If you allow simple visitors to subscribe to your Mailing Lists, you may have subscribers in AcyMailing which are not registered on your website so this plugin won't be able to replace the information in that case (the tag will be simply ignored and replaced with an empty string).


When writing a Newsletter, click on the Tags button to access the AcyMailing tag system and being able to include any personal information in your Newsletter.
Tags button
Click on one of the user field to directly see the tag inserted in your Newsletter.
You can copy/paste the generated tag in your Text area or even in the Subject of your Newsletter if you want to.
ExtendedReg fields
A newsletter content as below
Did I check "MyField" ? {extendedreg:cf_my_field|type:checkbox|info:sender}
Which fruits do you eat ? {extendedreg:cf_fruits|type:multicheckbox|info:receiver}
Would generate a text like
Did I check "MyField" ? No
Which fruits do you eat ? Apple, Kiwi
Some tags parameters are available:
  • part: "first" or "last" word of a text (e.g. {extendedreg:cf_mytext|type:text|info:receiver|part:first} )
  • lower: convert to lower case
  • ucwords: convert the first letter of every word to upper case
  • ucfirst: convert the first letter of a sentence to upper case
  • urlencode: encode a string for use in a url
You can extend this plug-in by writing your custom PHP code in /media/com_acymailing/plugins/extendedregfield.php


You can filter users based on their ExtendedReg profile.
To do that, go to Acymailing > Lists > Filters and select ExtendedReg in the list of available filters.
ExtendedReg filter
A list of ExtendedReg fields will appear below. Select the one you want to apply a filter on it.


There is no parameters for this AcyMailing Plugin.
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