Plugin : VirtueMart Checkout Subscription


This plugin enables you to automatically subscribe the user to one or several AcyMailing Lists during the VirtueMart checkout process.

You should use this plugin if you use VirtueMart without a Joomla user account creation. If you require an user account creation, you should use our default registration plugin.

Since VM2, the user will only be added to AcyMailing once he confirms his order, not directly after the VirtueMart registration.

This plugin is available on our download section if you purchased at least one commercial version of AcyMailing.

You can configure this plugin via the AcyMailing Configuration page.

vmcheckout plugin


VirtueMart Checkout params

  • Required Field: You have to select a field in this list of fields displayed on your VirtueMart Registration form. AcyMailing will check this field and if the value corresponding to this field is not empty, the user will be subscribed to the selected lists. This field enables you to display an option on the VirtueMart Registration form so that the user can choose to be subscribed or not to some mailing lists. If you don't want the user to have the choice, please select the field user_email Hereafter we will explain how you can add a checkbox so that the user can choose to subscribe or not to some mailing lists.

  • Subscribe the user to: Select the lists you want the user to be subscribed to.

  • Send a confirmation e-mail? & Subscribe the user as confirmed? : You can confirm or not your users independently from your global AcyMailing settings.

Don't forget to enable this plugin if you want it to work!

Add a subscription checkbox on the VirtueMart checkout page

This part of the documentation will explain you how to add a subscription option on your VirtueMart Checkout Form. If you don't want the user to have the choice to subscribe or not, don't follow this part of the documentation and simply select the field user_email as Required field (in the AcyMailing VirtueMart Checkout Subscription plugin).

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