On all our paid versions, you have the possibility to turn on a captcha verification so a picture with characters will be inserted in your AcyMailing subscription forms in order to only allow human subscriptions.

Captcha configuration

You can turn on this verification by going on your AcyMailing configuration page, tab security and turn on the option Enable the captcha

  • Enable the captcha: this option enables you to turn On or Off the captcha verification

  • Characters*: list of characters used to create the captcha. AcyMailing will randomly choose some characters in this list. We voluntary already removed some characters to improve the user experience.

  • Security Key*: if you use the subscription via url and you want to enable the captcha, you will have to add this security key on your subscription via url (by adding the argument seckey=YOUR_KEY) otherwise the subscription via url won't work. This key is randomly generated during the install process but you can change it if you want.

  • Subscription via the AcyMailing Module*: The parameters under this section will be applied to your AcyMailing module.

  • Subscription via the AcyMailing Component*: The parameters under this section will be applied to the component view (if you created a menu linked to AcyMailing), not the module.

  • Number of characters*: Number of characters displayed in the picture.

  • Height*: Height of the picture.

  • Width*: Width of the picture.

  • Background color*: Color applied to the background. If you leave this field empty, no background color will be applied and you will have a transparent picture.

  • Font color*: Color applied to the text.

* Only available for AcyCaptcha

If you turn the captcha on, a picture will be applied to your module and on the component subscription page

You can also customize the colors of your captcha so it fits your website colors

Integration with Google reCAPTCHA

Since AcyMailing 5.2.0, you can use the new Google reCAPTCHA on Joomla 3.X to ease the subscription process of your users. AcyMailing have an integration with the Joomla plugin to import this feature into AcyMailing subscription forms. To enable Google reCAPTCHA please follow this guide :

  • Enable the Joomla plugin named : Captcha - reCaptcha

  • Fill in the information needed in the configuration of this plugin (Site Key ...)

  • Select reCAPTCHA for the Enable the captcha dropdown in AcyMailing configuration

My captcha does not work...

An empty picture is displayed instead of the characters

Are you using a SEF system with Joomla? If so, please try to turn it off to isolate the issue. Please contact our support team with the url of your subscription form, we will help you to fix that issue! One of the first thing we will do will be to turn ON the Joomla debug mode via the Joomla configuration page and then access the captcha picture again to see if there anything wrong with it...

The captcha is displayed but when I enter the right code, it says it's invalid

Please access the Joomla configuration and switch the session handler to "None" instead of "Database". In most of cases that will solve the issue with no drawback.

Use Captcha on the forward feature

If you want to use the captcha on the forward feature (when you insert a forward to a friend link in your newsletter), you can enable it separately with the forward feature in the AcyMailing configuration, tab Interfaces.

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