External SMTP service

You need to send emails faster? Tired of being labelled like a spammer despite all your honest efforts? Then, simply outsource your delivery to professionals.

Instead of using your own server, AcyMailing can communicate with an external service to deliver your messages! So you don't have to change the way you handle your campaigns, you don't have to change your host, it's just a switch on the AcyMailing configuration page and you're ready to deliver like crazy!

How fast can I send emails with a provider?

That depends on what monthly plan you have with your SMTP provider and how many emails you send. This said, you can expect to wait a lot less.

My emails won't be labelled as spam any more?

Well, that's never guaranteed. Spam filters analyse different aspect of your emails in order to validate your newsletters. One of first criteria is to check whether you are sending from a blacklisted server. All professional SMTP providers are white-listed. These services validate your lists and emails when you first join them.

Read more on avoiding being labelled a spammer in our documentation.

How much does it cost?

For 5000 emails sent per month, it can be anywhere from $5 to $20. Usually, the more you send, the cheaper it gets. Read more below.

Which SMTP service to pick?

Acyba has partnered with Elastic Email. You can get a deal by purchasing through this link.

Our detailed documentation will get you going in no time with these services.

There are plenty of others good delivery services such as Amazon SES or SendGrid which you can integrate with AcyMailing using the smtp sending method.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have sending limitations with my hosting company (ie, 400 e-mails per hour), will I be able to send more e-mails using these services?

Yes. Your own server won't send e-mails any more. E-mails will be delivered by an external server so you won't be under your hosting limitations any more.

For now AcyMailing sends 200 e-mails every 15 minutes, can I speed up the send process?

Yes, you can use our multiple queue system to handle parallel threads.

I use an smtp delivery service but Acy does not receive and handle the bounce messages any more?

  • SendGrid There is an option in SendGrid to redirect the bounce message to another e-mail address so Acy can still handle your bounce messages. Connect to your SendGrid account, Email Reports > Settings > Forward bounces This option enables you to forward bounces to a specific email address. Please check the box below and enter the forwarding email address which should be your AcyMailing bounce address.

  • ElasticEmail You can specify a forward e-mail address on your ElasticEmail account under the tab "setup" so bounce messages are redirected to another e-mail address.

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