Forward to a friend

With all our paid versions, you can include a forward to a friend link in your Newsletter so the user will be redirected to your website and will be able to forward your message to one or more friends.

Enable that feature on the AcyMailing configuration page

You first have to enable that feature in the AcyMailing configuration page.

Access the Configuration menu on the AcyMailing back-end component. Click on the tab Interfaces and turn ON the option "Enable the forward to a friend".

We strongly recommend you to activate the captcha on this feature if you choose to use it to avoid bots spamming through it.

Forward to a friend configuration

Insert your "forward to a friend" tag

Once the feature enabled, you can edit a Newsletter and click on the button "tags".

Click on the menu "Website Links" and select the forward to a friend tag.

This option will be only displayed if you enabled that feature in the AcyMailing configuration page which is only available with our paid versions!

Forward to a friend tag

Configure your "forward to a friend" interface

If the receiver clicks on your forward to a friend link, he will be redirected to your website with some options.

The receiver will be able to enter his name and e-mail address (they are filled automatically) and add one or more users so he can forward his Newsletter.

He can also add his own message which will be added at the top of the Newsletter.

You can hide some areas of this interface by adding CSS to the AcyMailing component CSS file (which you can edit via the AcyMailing configuration page).

To hide the "add another friend" link, add this CSS:


To hide the user input area (the textarea where the user can enter his own message), add this CSS:


AcyMailing will add a default text at the top of the forwarded Newsletter.

You can customize it by editing your language file (via the AcyMailing configuration page).

The string used is MESSAGE_TO_FORWARD and by default contains the tags {user:name}, {user:email} and {forwardmsg} which are the sender name, sender email and custom message the user wrote.

The forward to a friend feature will only be accessible if your Newsletter is published. Don't worry if you get a 404 error when you test it, simply publish your Newsletter and it will do the job. The Newsletter is automatically published when you send it anyway.

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