Unsubscribe page

Unsubscribe screen

You should include the tag {unsubscribe}{/unsubscribe} in all your Newsletters to let your users unsubscribe from your website. The user will be then redirected to a page with three options:

Unsubscribe screen

  • Unsubscribe from this Mailing List: The user will be unsusbcribed from all lists attached to the current Newsletter.

  • Unsubscribe from all Mailing Lists: The user will be unsubscribed from all mailing lists but if you create a new mailing list and subscribe the user to it, he will receive your Newsletters.

  • Do not receive any e-mails from this website in the future: The user will be unsubscribed from all mailing lists and flagged as "does not accept e-mails" so if you create a new mailing list and subscribe this user to it then he won't receive the Newsletters as he will still be marked as "does not accept e-mails".

  • Click on the tags button when editing your Newsletter.

  • Select the tag menu "subscription"

  • Insert the tag which will be replaced by a valid unsubscribe link

Unsub link

Customize the unsubscribe view via the AcyMailing configuration

These options have been implemented since AcyMailing 1.8.4

On the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "interface", you will find an area where you can customize a few options on this unsubscribe page:

Unsub options

  • You can customize the Introduction text and use the tags:

    • {user:name} to display the subscriber name

    • {user:email} to display the subscriber email address

    • {user:customfield} to display any other value of the subscriber profile (customfield should be replaced by your custom field name)

    • {list:name} to display the list name

  • If you disable the unsubscribe options, the user will be unsubscribed from all your lists without having to select this option:

No unsubscribe option

Customize the unsubscribe view with some CSS

You can extend the view in your own template to modify it the way you want but you can also add some CSS to your own Joomla template to customize the current design:

Each option is included in its own div. You can access each of them with #unsublist_div , #unsuball_div , #unsubfull_div

So if you want to remove both options "unsubscribe from all mailing lists" and "do not receive any e-mail", then you can add this CSS to your AcyMailing Component front-end CSS file: #unsuball_div, #unsubfull_div{ display:none }

Access the unsubscribe reasons

If you edit the user profile, you can see via the tab "history" the unsubscribe reason for this user.

You can also see them all via the AcyMailing statistics page if you click on the number of unsubscribers.

Unsubcribe reasons

Edit the unsubscribe survey

On the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "interfaces", you can create your own unsubscribe survey by adding extra reasons and/or by deleting existing reasons.

Unsubscribe survey

Our default reasons are written in uppercase because we will load the translation of this string in the AcyMailing language file. You can see above each field the current translation of that string.

If you don't manage a multilingual website, don't bother with that and directly write your reasons in the fields.

By default AcyMailing will display an unsubscribe page where the user can select the options he wants and submit his feedback.

If you rather want to have a direct unsubscribe link with no confirmation, you can use this link in your Newsletter and the user will be immediately unsubscribed from all your mailing lists: index.php?subid={subtag:subid|urlencode}&option=com_acymailing&ctrl=user&task=saveunsub&key={subtag:key|urlencode}&mailid={mailid}&unsuball=1

You can also use that one and the user will be unsubscribed from the current mailing list only: index.php?subid={subtag:subid|urlencode}&option=com_acymailing&ctrl=user&task=saveunsub&key={subtag:key|urlencode}&mailid={mailid}&unsublist=1

And this third link will not only unsubscribe the user but also set him as "do not accept emails" so he will never receive emails from your website even if you create a new fresh list and subscribe him to that newly created list: index.php?subid={subtag:subid|urlencode}&option=com_acymailing&ctrl=user&task=saveunsub&key={subtag:key|urlencode}&mailid={mailid}&unsuball=1&refuse=1

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