This screen enables you to manage all your mailing lists.

You can sort your lists by any field, search using the "filter" box and directly modify some properties by clicking on the icons.

List Listing Toolbar

  • Filters : This button gives you access to another page where you will be able to execute mass actions on your subscribers such as mass remove and/or mass subscribe users to one or several lists using filters.

  • New : Enables you to create a new list.

  • Edit : Select a list and then click on this button in order to edit its information.

  • Delete : Select one or several lists and click on this button in order to completely delete the list. The users subscribed to this lists won't be deleted (simply the subscription will be removed) nor the e-mails attached to this list.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

Column Headers

List Listing Columns

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.

  • Ordering : The lists are ordered and you can modify their ordering using drag and drop on the rows with this column. Each time AcyMailing displays your lists on the front-end or on the back-end, they will be displayed following this ordering. So, if you want to modify the ordering of the lists displayed on your Module, you have to do it here.

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After, click on the delete button in order to delete the selected lists.

  • Colour : Each list has a colour so that you can easily and quickly identify it on the backend. This colour is not displayed on the front-end but helps you manage your lists efficiently. You can edit the colour assigned to your list if you edit your list.

  • List Name : Name of the list

  • Subscribers : Number of users subscribed to this list. If you click on this number, you will be redirected to the user listing where you will see all its subscribers. The number of pending subscriptions (users which still didn't confirm their subscription) is displayed between brackets.

  • Unsubscribers : Number of users who unsubscribed from this list. You can click on this number to see the users who unsubscribed from it.

  • Creator : Creator of the list.

  • Visible : A visible list will be displayed on the front-end. There is one exception, the display of lists on the Module strictly follows the Module parameters and not this field. So, if you want to hide a list in your Module, you have to modify the Module parameters.

  • Enabled : AcyMailing will never send Newsletters to a list which is not enabled. A user can not subscribe or see a list which is not enabled.

  • ID : This field indicates the ID of the list.


List Listing Filters

  • The filter caption enables you to easily search in your lists.

  • The filter "All categories" enables you to filter your lists based on their categories.

  • The filter "All Creators" enables you to filter your lists based on their creator.

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