Distribution lists


The distribution lists sytem allows you to check a specific mailbox, and if AcyMailing sees that there is an email inside, it will forward it to a specific list or a specific email address.

This feature is available in AcyMailing Enterprise under the "Lists" menu.

The Thunderbird mailboxes are not compatible with this system yet (whether it is the sending mailbox, or the mailbox you configure in the "Distribution lists" system).

Access this feature


  • New: Create a new item

  • Edit: Edit the selected item

  • Copy: Copy the selected item, it will be named "copy_" + copied item's name

  • Delete: Delete the selected items

  • Help: Displays this documentation in your site


With this filter area you can search in the name/description/id of the existing items, and filter them by creator.


  • #: An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference

  • Ordering: The items are ordered and you can modify their ordering using the drag and drop on the rows with this column. Each time AcyMailing processes the distribution lists system, they will be executed following this ordering.

  • Checkbox: Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After, click on the copy or delete button in order to copy/delete the selected items.

  • Name: The item's name

  • Email address: The email address attached to the item

  • Creator: The creator of the item

  • Enabled: You can publish/unpublish an item simply by clicking on the icon you see in this column

  • ID: The ID of the item



  • Test: Test the connection with your mailbox

  • Save: Save and close the current item

    • Apply: Save the current item and stay in edition mode

  • Cancel: Close the item without saving

  • Help: Displays this documentation in your site

Main information

  • Name: The name of the item displayed on the listing

  • Enabled: Activate or not the item using this option

  • Frequency: AcyMailing will process this item following the frequency you set. Choose "0" if you want AcyMailing to process it on each cron task.

  • Creator: The Joomla user that created this item.

  • Description: This description is only displayed on the listing page (as a tooltip on the item's name).


  • Server: The mail server AcyMailing should connect to

  • Connection Method: Choose the method AcyMailing should use to connect to your mailbox

  • Username: The username of your mailbox, it usually is the email address itself.

  • Secure Method: You can select a secured method to connect to your e-mail server (if you use Gmail, you should select "SSL")

  • Password: The password of your mailbox

  • Port: The port AcyMailing should use to connect to the mailbox, you can leave it empty if you don't know what to use. In most cases, it is 110 for POP3, 143 for IMAP and 993 for IMAP using a secured connection so make sure the port you use is opened on your server by asking your host.

  • Self-signed Certificates: Should AcyMailing auto-sign your certificates?

Once you've configured the connection, you can click on the "Test" button in the toolbar to see if it is correct. If so, AcyMailing will tell you how many emails are in your mailbox.


  • Allowed sender

You can allow specific users to use the distribution lists system (you should always do as everyone can send an email to the mailbox you specified).

You can:

  • Specify one or more email addresses, separated by a coma

  • Select a Joomla group like in the above screenshot so only emails sent by a member of the selected group will be taken into account

  • Select one or more AcyMailing lists so only emails sent by a member of the selected lists will be taken into account

  • Allowed subject

You can add a condition on the email's subject so only emails matching this condition will be handled. The available conditions are "Begins with", "Ends with" and "Contains" the specified text.

  • Delete not allowed emails

If you turn this option On, the emails not matching the above two conditions will be deleted from the mailbox.


Once AcyMailing detects an email in the specified mailbox, if it passes the above conditions it will then execute some actions you specify here. For example, If an email is sent to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." from a user in the group "Publishers", AcyMailing will forward this email to the List 2, subscribe the sender to the list D, unsubscribe him from the list C and send him the newsletter "AcyMailing v5 is out!" as selected in the above screenshot.

  • Forward to a list: It forwards the email to the selected list.

  • Forward the message to: It will forward the email to the specified email addresses

  • Subscribe: Subscribes the email address that sent the email to the selected list

  • Unsubscribe: Unsubscribes the email address that sent the email from the selected list

  • Send a newsletter: Sends the selected newsletter to the one who sent the email

If you want to forward the email in an AcyMailing template, you will have to add the tag {emailcontent} in the templates you want to use so that AcyMailing knows where it should include the email content.


The last part of the edition page shows you the last report showing you the success messages or error messages.


Forward to multiple lists

To fully use the capabilities of this feature, you may want to forward an email to multiple lists, with a different template for each list:

Be notified when an action is made

You may want to be notified when an action is performed using this system. If so, simply add an other action that forwards the email to your address:

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