List: Add/Edit


This screen enables you to create or edit a Mailing List.

You will also be able to attach a welcome message or an unsubscribe confirmation to the list.

User Form Toolbar

  • Save : Save the current list and return to the User Listing screen.

    • Apply : Apply the modifications to the current list and stay on the same screen.

  • Cancel : Return to the previous screen.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

List Information

List Form Infos

  • List Name : Name of your list. This name will be displayed on the front-end.

  • Alias : Alias of your list, this field is used to create friendly URLs.

  • Enabled : AcyMailing will never send Newsletters to a list which is not enabled. A user cannot subscribe nor see a list which is not enabled.

  • Visible : A visible list will be displayed on the front-end. There is one exception, the lists displayed on the Module strictly follow the Module parameters and not this field. So if you want to hide a list in your Module, you have to modify the Module parameters.

  • Category : You can assign / create a category for this list using this field. If you want to rename a category, simply create a new one, if the old one isn't used, it will be automatically deleted. If you have categories, you'll be able to automatically select lists on the newsletter edition page and on the export page.

  • Creator : Creator of the list. In AcyMailing Enterprise, the creator of the list is also allowed to manage Newsletters from the front-end for that list.

  • Colour : Each list has its own colour so that you can easily and quickly identify it on the backend. This colour is not displayed on the front-end but helps you manage your lists efficiently.

  • Unsubscribe Message : When a user unsubscribe from the list, you can send him an Unsubscribe Confirmation. You can personalize this unsubscribe message by clicking on the Edit button or add a new unsubscribe confirmation by clicking on the Add button. Each List can have its own unsubscribe confirmation. If the user unsubscribes from several lists at the same time, each unsubscribe confirmation will be sent. For example, if I created 3 lists. My first list has the unsubscribe message #1, my second list has the unsubscribe message #2 and my third list has the unsubscribe message #1. If a user unsubscribes from those three lists at the same time, this user will receive 2 unsubscribe confirmations. If you want your user to receive only one unsubscribe confirmation, you have to create only one unsubscribe message and use this same message for all your lists.

  • Welcome Message : The welcome message works the same way the unsubscribe message does. You can attach one welcome message to each list or use the same one for several lists. When a user subscribes to one or several Mailing Lists, the welcome message attached to each list will be sent to the user. If several mailing lists share the same welcome message, only one copy will be sent. Welcome messages as well as unsubscribe confirmation are not sent if you modify the user subscription from the back-end. Both messages will be only sent if the user himself subscribes or unsubscribes from your lists. This feature is only available from AcyMailing Essential.

List Description

List Description

  • This field enables you to add a description to your list. This description will be displayed on the front-end of your website.

  • You can add text, pictures or anything else to this list description.

List Colour

List Colour

  • If you click on the colour input, a list of colours will be displayed on the screen so that you can easily pick one.

  • You can also directly write the HTML code of the colour in the field.

  • This colour will be used only on the back-end of your website to quickly identify each list. It will also be used in the statistics (the colour of the line will be the colour of the list) but to make it work properly, do not enter anything else than the HTML colour code in this field.

Unsubscribe Confirmation / Welcome Message

If you click on the edit or add button of the unsubscribe confirmations (or on the welcome message), a popup will appear and you will be able to write or modify the message.

You will quickly become familiar with this popup as the same one is used to edit the notification e-mails in the AcyMailing Configuration page.

Unsub Screen

  • If you click on the button "send a test", AcyMailing will send a test of this e-mail to the currently logged in user (you!).

  • Once you saved this message, you can close the popup by clicking on the white cross on the top right corner of the popup.


Using all our commercial versions, you can attach a list to one or more languages so that list will only be displayed if the user browses your website in this language.

This method enables you to keep separate mailing lists, one for each language for example, so you can adapt your communication and create different Newsletters in each language.

List language

Access Level

Using AcyMailing Enterprise, you can set an access on your list so you can limit the group of users which can view and subscribe to your list and/or you can define some groups which are able to manage Newsletters for that list from the front-end.

Please note that the owner of the list will also be able to manage Newsletters for that list via the front-end so you can attach a list to a single user if you want.

List ACL

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe all my users to my list?

  • Save your list

  • Go back to the lists management screen

  • Click on the button "Filters"

  • Don't select any filter

  • Select the action AcyMailing List -> Subscribe users to -> select your list

  • Click on the button "Process"

  • All your users will be subscribed to your selected lists.

I want my registered users to be automatically subscribed to this list...

  • Save your list

  • Go to the AcyMailing Configuration page

  • Click on the tab "Subscription"

  • Select your list for the parameter "Auto-subscribe on Joomla registration" (using the button Select)

  • Save your AcyMailing configuration page

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