This screen enables you to preview your Newsletter, test it, send it or schedule it (from AcyMailing Essential on).

Preview Toolbar

  • Schedule : If you click on this button, a popup will open which will enable you to schedule your Newsletter so that you can send it at a fixed date in the future.

  • Send : If you click on this button, a popup will open in order to send your Newsletter.

  • Edit : If you click on this button, you will return to the Newsletter edition screen.

  • Cancel : Returns to the Newsletter management listing.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

Send a test

Send a test

  • Send a test to : AcyMailing enables you to send a test to the current logged in user (You!), or a backend group (Manager, Administrator, Super Administrator) or any other user (simply enter his e-mail address).

  • Send Version : When you send a test, the version which will be sent to the user is forced by this option, so his personal preferences does not matter. During the real send process, the personal preference of the user predominates.

  • Send a test : Click on the button "Send a test" in order to send a test of your Newsletter. All the tags will be replaced so that you can really fully test your Newsletter and make sure everything is working. If you selected a group of users (Manager for example), the Newsletter will be sent to all the Joomla Manager Users.


List of receivers

Each Newsletter should be attached to at least one list. In this example, we attached the Newsletter to two lists : "Updates & Infos" which contains 24903 users and "Downloaded AcyMailing" which contains 12426 Users. So, if you click on the send button, this Newsletter will be sent to those lists and AcyMailing will take care of the duplicates entries (users subscribed to both lists will only get one e-mail). Nevertheless, you can see a warning on the list "Downloaded AcyMailing" because this list is not published! AcyMailing does not send a Newsletter to an unpublished list, you have to publish it first.


If you click on the button "Schedule", a popup will open asking you a date (in the future) so that AcyMailing will send this Newsletter automatically. Using this method, you can plan a series of Newsletters which will be sent one after the other at a specified date.

The Newsletter scheduling system requires the configuration of a cron task in order to automatically trigger AcyMailing. Please make sure your cron task is enabled (it is very easy to configure it on your AcyMailing Configuration page).

Scheduled Newsletter

  • This Newsletter will be sent to : This field indicates you the receivers of the Newsletter. As you can see, the list "Downloaded AcyMailing" disappeared because this list is not published.

  • Send Date : By default this field contains the current time so that you can know exactly what time is it on your server (you may change this default date by changing the time offset on your Joomla Configuration page). Enter a date in the future and then click on the button "Schedule".

If you schedule your Newsletter, you will get a confirmation message and the Schedule Icon on the toolbar will immediately be replaced by an Unschedule Icon so that you can cancel the scheduling of this Newsletter.



if you click on the send button, a popup will open to confirm your send process.

As you can see, the list "Downloaded AcyMailing" disappeared because this list was not published, so AcyMailing won't send the e-mail to this list but only to the "Updates & Infos" list which contains 24903 Users. The number of e-mails finally sent may differ from the number of subscribers displayed as AcyMailing won't send any e-mail to non confirmed users (only if you require a confirmation!) or blocked users.

If you click on the button "Send", the send process will start, AcyMailing will queue all your e-mails and send them batch per batch depending on your AcyMailing Configuration.

If the process fails for any reason, you will ALWAYS be able to resume it by clicking again on the button "Send" (another message will appear to confirm that you want to resume the Send Process and not start a new one).

As all e-mails are personalised, AcyMailing sends the e-mails one by one, so it may take a some time. Please, do not close the send process popup otherwise the send process will stop (e-mails not sent will still be in the queue, so you will be able to resume it anyway).

From AcyMailing Essential on, you can configure AcyMailing to not start the send process but simply queue all your e-mails (Queue Processing : Automatic Only). This way, the cron task will do the job and you won't have to keep the connexion open until the end. It's the best way to send e-mails as it does not overload your server and enables you to automatically overcome any server limitation.

Send popup

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