Joomla notifications

Since AcyMailing 4.6.0 all paid versions of AcyMailing can replace the Joomla notification messaging system in order to:

  • Make them beautiful!

  • Modify the content

  • Include other elements like your latest 5 Joomla articles thanks to our powerful tag system

  • Set the sender information the way you want

  • Add attachments if you like...

  • Track your notification emails so you know who opened it!

Access the Joomla notification area

Access the Joomla notifications area via AcyMailing to customize your messages. Click on the Joomla notifications menu under the configuration one in the AcyMailing component.

Access the joomla notification interface

Use the AcyMailing message instead of the Joomla one

AcyMailing already installed all Joomla messages you can customize. To use the AcyMailing version instead of the default Joomla one, you should:

  • Enable the Override Joomla mailing system plugin via the Acy configuration page

Publish the Joomla override plugin

  • Publish the message you want to use instead of the Joomla one

Publish the message

  • That's it! AcyMailing will now take care of this email and it will be automatically tracked.

The texts in the subject and body of emails like "{trans:COM_USERS_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_DETAILS|param1|param2}" are text that will be taken from your Joomla text files. These are the default texts you would have without override.

Here is an example of our default notification message when the user registers on Joomla:

Default notification message

Available notifications

We currently override notifications from Joomla!, JomSocial and SEBLOD.

If you want to override the notification from JomSocial, you will need to set JomSocial to sent the text version of emails (JomSocial configuration -> Site -> "HTML Emails" option to NO).

By default links in the notifications are created as real links and the text is the URL of the link. You can customize the links by creating your owns. In the href parameter of your link, use {linkX} instead of the {paramX} parameter (X being the number of the parameter). For example, if param3 is a link, you could use this:

<a href="{link3}" target="_blank">Click here to proceed</a>

Components we can't override emails from

We can't override the emails sent from the following components as we can't identify properly the email, get the data to replace or prevent the sending of the other component email:

  • VirtueMart

  • Community Builder

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