Schedule your Newsletter

What's a scheduled Newsletter

A scheduled Newsletter is a Newsletter you will schedule to be automatically sent in the future.

You can prepare your Newsletter and set a send date in the future so AcyMailing will automatically take care of sending it at the time you specified without you having to do anything else.

You can schedule as many Newsletters as you want.

This feature is included in all our commercial versions.

Configure AcyMailing to handle automatic processes

You have to configure your cron task to make sure the automatic send process will work (it's just one extra click on the AcyMailing configuration page).

How to schedule a Newsletter

First, create a Newsletter, attach it to one or several published lists and then access the "Preview / Send" screen.

  • Click on the "Schedule" button

Schedule Newsletter

  • A popup will open enabling you to enter a send date in the future.

The default displayed date is your current time. If it's not the case, please make sure you selected the right timezone on your Joomla configuration page

  • Select a send date in the future and then click on the button "Schedule"

Schedule confirmation

At the bottom of the popup, you can see a graph showing you when your users opened the most your previous newsletters so you can choose when scheduling the newsletter will be the most efficient.

  • A confirmation message will appear and you can now close the popup


  • That's all you have to do, your Newsletter is now scheduled and will automatically be sent at the specified send date.

  • You should not click on the "Send" button if you click on it, your Newsletter will be sent immediately and automatically un-scheduled.

Un-schedule your Newsletter

If your Newsletter is scheduled, you will see the scheduled icon on the Newsletter listings.

You can click on it to unschedule your Newsletter in case of you don't want to send it any more.

Unschedule button

If your Newsletter is scheduled and you access the "Preview/Send" screen, you will see an unschedule icon instead of the schedule one so you can click on it to unschedule your Newsletter.


Test your scheduled Newsletter

If you scheduled your Newsletter and the specified send date is now in the past but your Newsletter is still not sent, you should first go on the "queue" listing and click on the button "process".

AcyMailing will tell you what's currently in the queue and the pending Newsletters.

You can see the current time for AcyMailing and when your schedule Newsletter will be sent. In our example, the send date is still in the future so it's normal the Newsletter has not been sent automatically.

If the send date is in the past, the same message will appear but you will also see a "Generate" button enabling you to manually send the scheduled Newsletter.

This button has been added for testing purpose only as this process should be automatically executed by AcyMailing.

If you see this button, that means next time your cron task will trigger your website, the Newsletter will be added to the queue and sent automatically.

Please remember your cron task triggers your website at a fixed frequency so you may have to wait half an hour before your scheduled Newsletter is sent automatically. If after half an hour your Newsletter is still not sent, please make sure your cron task is working fine.

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