This screen enables you to see and remove any e-mail which will be sent by AcyMailing.

You can sort your lists by any field, search using the "filter" box and directly delete entries by clicking on the small Delete Icon.

Queue menu

  • Process : If you click on this button, AcyMailing will open a popup and you will be able to see all the e-mails ready to be sent.

  • Delete : If you click on this button, the entire queue will be emptied. If you select a Newsletter in the dropdown and then click on this button, all the e-mails belonging to the selected Newsletter will be removed.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

Column Headers

Queue Columns

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.

  • Send Date : Official send date of the e-mail. It does not mean the e-mail will be sent at this exact time but this field indicates that from this time, AcyMailing is allowed to send the e-mail.

  • Subject : Subject of the e-mail which will be sent. You can at any time edit the Newsletter and change anything in it. Those modifications will be passed on to any e-mail of the Newsletter in the queue.

  • User : Receiver of the e-mail.

  • Priority : If you use the follow-up autoresponder system and the Newsletter system, AcyMailing will send first the e-mails with the lowest priority number. AcyMailing never sends an e-mail if the send date is not in the past. Nevertheless, in some cases, you can have several Newsletters ready to be sent and some follow-up messages too. Most of mail system won't apply any priority and will send your Newsletter before the follow-up messages (so the receiver may wait several hours before receiving his first follow-up message) but AcyMailing handle that case and will send the follow-up first as it's considered as more time sensitive than a standard Newsletter.

  • Try : AcyMailing will try to send each e-mail. If an error occurs (for any reason), AcyMailing will keep the e-mail in the queue and will try to send it later. After X tries, AcyMailing will consider the e-mail failed and won't queue the e-mail any more. You can configure those parameters in the AcyMailing Configuration page.

  • Delete : This is a quick button in order to delete an e-mail sent to a user. Be careful as there is no confirmation message on this button! If you click on it, the selected row will be deleted!

  • Published : Published indicates the publish field of the Newsletter itself. A non published Newsletter will never be sent so this icon enables you to know if the e-mail will be sent or not.


If you click on the process button, this popup will appear. This is a summary of all e-mails in the queue which are ready to be sent.

If you have a cron task (from AcyMailing Essential) , this cron task will automatically trigger your AcyMailing component and send those messages (batch per batch so it can take time), but you can always decide to manually send those e-mails by clicking on the button "Send".

Queue popup

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