This screen enables you to manage all your users.

You can sort your users by any field, search using the "filter" box and directly modify some properties by clicking on the icons.

By default, this listing is ordered by created date so that you can directly see the latest users on your website.

User Listing Toolbar

  • Action : Enables you to apply actions on the selected users of the current listing view.

  • Import : Enables you to import users in AcyMailing from other components or from a CSV file.

  • Export : Enables you to export users from AcyMailing based on some filters.

  • New : Enables you to create a new user and subscribe him to one or several Mailing Lists.

  • Edit : Select a user and then click on this button to edit his information or his subscription.

  • Delete : Select one or several users and click on this button in order to completely delete the user and all his subscription.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

Column Headers

User Listing Columns

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. Then, you can delete the selected users by clicking on the Delete button or apply actions by clicking on the Actions button.

  • Name : Name of the user

  • E-mail : E-mail of the user

  • Subscription : This column displays the subscription of the user. Each list will be represented by a colored circle (each list has its own colour so that you can easily identify it). A plain circle indicates the user is subscribed, a blank circle with a colored border an unsubscribed user, a hatched circle is a pending one (which means the user is still not confirmed). If there is no circle for a user, that means this user is neither subscribed, nor unsubscribed from the list. You can click on each circle in order to change the status of the subscription (if you click on a plain circle, the user will be unsubscribed from the list). This column was only available for our Business and Enterprise editions. We added it to our Starter and Essential editions since AcyMailing 1.6.0.

  • Created Date : Indicates the created date of the user in the database.

  • Receive HTML : Your users can have the option to receive html or not. A user who accepted to receive HTML will be able to see pictures and styles in the e-mail. A user who accepts only text messages will only see text in the e-mail.

  • Confirmed : This field indicates if the user has been confirmed or not (did he clicked on the confirmation e-mail or not?). If you don't require a confirmation (this option can be modified in the AcyMailing configuration page), this field has absolutely NO IMPACT on the send process. But if you require a confirmation, only confirmed users will receive e-mails.

  • Enabled : In some cases, you want to "black list" some users. This fields enables you to disable a user so that this user won't receive messages any more.

  • J! user ID : If the user is a registered user, this field indicates the ID of the Joomla User. You can click on this ID to edit the user in Joomla.

  • ID : This field indicates the ID of the user in the AcyMailing table.


User Listing Filters

  • The filters enable you to filter the users displayed on this listing.

  • The first filter enabled you to select users based on their subscription or based on some properties. This second filter will be replaced by another one if you select a specific list.

  • The second filter enables you to select only users which are subscribed (or unsubscribed / in pending process) of a specific list / list category.

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