Mass actions


This screen enables you to execute actions on a selection of AcyMailing subscribers (using criteria).

It's the right tool to use if you want to mass confirm, enable, subscribe, delete users.

AcyMailing keeps track of the unsubscription of each user so that if you try to subscribe a user which already unsubscribed, this user won't be added back.

If you really want to add him back to your list, you should first remove his subscription and then subscribe him to the list.

Using AcyMailing Enterprise, you will get the same interface but we added a save button so you can save your filters and even execute them automatically!

This whole system uses the Joomla plugin triggers so you can add plugins to AcyMailing and add more filters or more actions to this powerful feature.

This feature filters AcyMailing users based on criteria, so keep in mind that your users MUST be AcyMailing users (if you filter them by Community builder fields for example). The plugin "(auto)subscribe on Joomla registration" should already create an AcyMailing user on Joomla registration so make sure it is enabled.

How to access this screen

Access filter area

  • On the AcyMailing back-end, go over the Users menu to access the sub-menu Mass actions


  • View users : This button enables you to preview the first 20 users filtered by your current filters. This is useful to do some tests and make sure your filters are correct.

  • Process : This button enables you to execute the filters/actions you configured

  • Save : Save the current filter. If you click on this button, more options will be displayed enabling you to automatically trigger the saved filter, you will then have to save again the filter

  • Close : Returns to the List management view.

  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.


The filters enable you to create a selection of AcyMailing users. If you don't add any filter, then all your users will be selected.

If you add more than one filter, an AND condition will be applied between all the filters.

When adding a filter, you will see "xxx users selected": this is the number of users selected by this filter only. When the "mass action" is processed, the users selected MUST match all the filters you added (for example the following "mass action" will select 0 users)


  • Group: Main Joomla group of the user (it will also select Acy users that are not Joomla users. To avoid that, add a filter "AcyMailing field" => "userid" != "0")

  • AcyMailing List: You can choose if the selected users should be subscribed to one list and unsubscribed from another list or in pending status...

  • AcyMailing Field: You can set a filter on any information of the AcyMailing User profile

  • Joomla User Field: You can set a filter on any information of the Joomla User profile

Subscriptions to lists

You can filter your users based on their subscription, for example select all the users that have no subscription for a specific list, and send them an email inviting them to subscribe.

Stats filter

User fields and custom fields

You can filter the users based on their AcyMailing fields / custom fields with this filter. For example, add in the English list all the users that selected "United states" in the country field you've created.

Stats filter

Joomla fields

This filter works the same as the previous one, filter the AcyMailing users based on their Joomla user fields.

Stats filter

Statistics Open/Not open

You can set a filter on the fact your e-mail has been opened, not opened, failed (or bounced for AcyMailing Enterprise).

Please remember the open statistics are not 100% accurate so never resend a Newsletter based on the fact the e-mail has not been opened by the user.

You can filter the users that clicked or not on a specific link, then do an action based on this information. For example, if the users clicked on the link to a product but they didn't buy it, send them an email with products of the same category, they might be interested.

Stats filter


If you activated the geolocation in the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "Subscription", you will be able to filter your AcyMailing users based on the collected information. You will then be able to send specific newsletters based on the users' location.

Stats filter

Joomla group

You can filter your AcyMailing users based on the Joomla groups they are in / not in. You can also include the sub-groups in the filter so if you select "Manager", the users in the "Administrator" group will be taken in the filter.

Stats filter

Randomly select X users

If you need to select only X users, randomly, this filter will help you. For example, if you want that 10 of your clients win a prize each month, you can use this filter to pick the winners.

Stats filter


You can execute several actions on the selected users.

AcyMailing List

You can subscribe, unsubscribe or remove your users from a list. This system is also working with our follow-up campaigns so you can massively start a campaign on your subscribers that way (in that case select the list name + Campaign at the end of the dropdown). The campaign starts on the subscription date of the user so if you mass subscribe them on a campaign, all your users will receive the follow-ups at the same time.

AcyMailing keeps track of the unsubscription of each user so that if you try to subscribe a user which already unsubscribed, this user won't be added back. If you really want to add him back, you should first remove the users from your lists and then subscribe them.

Action list

Action on the user

You can massively confirm / unconfirm / enable / block or delete AcyMailing users. If you want to delete the Joomla user account, you can use our "Modify user group" plugin.

Acymailing fields

Set subscriber's profile value

You can massively modify / replace the value of one of your users' field.

Acymailing set value

  • =: the new value will replace the previous one

  • +: the new value will be added to the previous one (both values should be numeric)

  • -: the new value will be substracted from the previous one (both values should be numeric)

  • Add at the end: the new value will be added just after the previous one

  • Add at the beginning: the new value will be added just before the previous one

In the "New value" field, you can also include the other user's fields using this simple syntax: {field:namekey} so, for example, {field:email}

You can even include date tags, for example {year} will be replaced by the current year, {month|add:1} will be replaced by the next month's number and {day|remove:3} will be replaced by 23 if today is the 26th.

Add an e-mail in the queue

Based on your filters, you can decide to add an e-mail in the queue and send it at the specific date.

The send date field is a dynamic date field.

Add e-mail in the queue

AcyMailing will add the e-mail in your queue. Commercial versions of AcyMailing will then automatically send your e-mail using an automatic task so you have nothing to do. If you use this filter to add a Newsletter in the queue with our free version, don't forget to process the queue manually.

Few things you should know before using this method to send your Newsletters instead of the standard way:

  • If you add an unsubscribe link in your Newsletter, AcyMailing will unsubscribe the user to the lists you attached to your Newsletter. So even if you use this interface to send an e-mail to a portion of your list, please make sure you edited your Newsletter and attached it to one or several lists so the unsubscribe link will work.

  • DO NEVER use the filter "statistics: not opened" to resend a Newsletter. The statistics are not 100% accurate and your users will receive twice the Newsletter.

Remove an e-mail from the queue

In many cases you will find it useful to remove e-mails from your queue based on some filters.


Using AcyMailing Enterprise, you can save your filter to trigger it later or let AcyMailing triggering it automatically.

If you click a first time on the save button, more options will appear on the screen

  • Title: You can set a title to your filter in order to recognize it easier in the future.

  • Description: You can set a description for your own information.

  • Published: A filter which is not enabled won't be triggered automatically.

  • Automatically trigger the filter: you can select a series of events so the filter will be automatically triggered on a user action.

    • Every day : the filter will be automatically triggered everyday. Please make sure you already have a cron task configured for AcyMailing to enable this option. This option will make sure the filter is triggered once a day regardless of your cron frequency.

    • Each time AcyMailing is triggered : the filter will be triggered each time the AcyMailing cron task is triggered. So every 15 minutes by default.

    • On user creation : the filter will be triggered on the user creation but only when created from the front-end. That way, you can automatically subscribe your user to a campaign depending on his selection on the extra fields you created. The filter will be only executed on the current user, not on all users. With this option, you cannot add filters on the subscribed lists as the user is not subscribed yet on creation.

    • On user modification : the filter will be triggered on the user modification (i.e if a user field is modified).

    • When the user clicks on an url from your Newsletter : the filter will be triggered on the user when he clicks on an url on your Newsletter (only displayed if you enabled the url tracker plugin). Please don't select both options "on open" and "on user click" otherwise both will be executed one after the other. You should rather select "on open" if you want to have both as if a user clicks on your link, AcyMailing will considered he opened your Newsletter.

    • When the user opens your Newsletter : the filter will be triggered on the user when he opens a Newsletter.


Subscribe all your users to a list

If you want to subscribe absolutely all your users to a certain list, simply select the action type "AcyMailing List" and the action to subscribe users to your list. You don't have to add any filter if you want to select all your users.

Then click on the button Process.

Mass subscribe

Subscribe all your Joomla users to a list

If you want to add all your Joomla Users in a list but not add the simple visitors (who subscribed to one or several lists on your website without registering on it), open a filter with the type "AcyMailing Field", select the field "userid", select the operator ">" and enter the number 0 in the input.

Then select the action type "AcyMailing List" and the action to subscribe your users to your list.

Then click on the button Process.

Mas subscribe registered users

Resend your confirmation e-mail to your users

You can use our filters to resend your confirmation e-mail to unconfirmed users. (This feature has been added since AcyMailing 1.5.2)

On this example, we added three filters:

  • confirmed = 0 (we only select unconfirmed users)

  • created < {time} - 86400 (we only select users created before yesterday. Of course you can directly write a date in this field with the format YYYY-MM-DD such as 2010-03-25)

  • created > {time} - 172800 (we only select users created two days ago)

Then we added one action: add the confirmation email in the queue when the filter is triggered.

Resend Confirmation e-mail

Once the e-mail is added in the queue, our commercial versions of AcyMailing will automatically take care of the send process using an automatic task.

You can execute this kind of filter with our free version but then you will have to manually trigger the send process.

Using AcyMailing Enterprise, you could save this filter and let AcyMailing automatically execute it every day (Auto-filters only trigger once a day regardless of your cron frequency).

If you create a reminder, only target at 24 hour range per confirmation reminder filter otherwise the same user might receive twice the reminder in a day. If you want to remind multiple times, create separate filters for each reminder - each only targeting a separate 24 hour range.

AcyMailing will not let you send a message to unconfirmed users if you require a confirmation... unless you add the word "confirm" in your Newsletter alias. That's a trick you can use to avoid an error message when sending a confirmation e-mail you created.

Send a reminder to users who didn't log in since 30 days

With AcyMailing Enterprise and the auto-filter feature, you can set up a message automatically sent to your users who didn't log in since 30 days on your website.

"Hey {subtag:name}, it's been a while since you last logged in, come to visit us again!"

Once your message created and published, access the mass actions interface and add this filter:

mass actions reminder logged in

  • The last logged in date should be between 30 days (2592000 seconds) and 31 days (2678400 seconds) ago. Don't worry, out date picker avoids you to do the calculation.

  • We also add a filter "not sent" with the same message to make sure that message is not already sent to the user (we may want to always send a reminder 1 month after the last logged in date even if the user already received it a few months ago).

  • And then we add an action to add the e-mail in the queue.

  • Save this filter and select the option to automatically run it every day.

Resend your Joomla confirmation email

You can configure AcyMailing to (automatically) send a message to users who didn't confirm their Joomla account.

First, create a Newsletter via AcyMailing:

  • Alias: joomla-confirmation-enabled The alias matters... we add "confirm" and "enable" to it so Acy won't check the user based on its confirm and enabled field. So make sure to use that one!

  • Published: Yes

  • Your message content should include a link so the user can confirm his Joomla account, click on the tags button when you edit your Newsletter and within the tag menu "Joomla user fields" you will find the Joomla confirmation tag that you can insert in your Newsletter.

Then access the filters/actions system and add the following filters to select only the right users :

  • Users with the Joomla field : activation !=

  • Users with the Joomla field : block = 1

  • You can also add an extra filter to only select users created within a period of time if you want to automate this action

Add the action "add email to the queue" and click on the button "process".

Your reminders will be inserted in the queue, you can now process it or let Acy send your emails automatically if you use the automatic send process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the format to create dynamic dates?

On many of our filters, you can write a date. This date always has the database format: YYYY-MM-DD. You can optionally add a time to it: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

Using our automatic filters, you will find it handy to create dynamic dates so instead of a fixed date, you can write a tag or an operation which will be replaced by a date depending on the executed time.

{time} will be replaced by the current time (in seconds) and you can execute some operations on this field so:

  • {time} + 60 will be replaced by the current time plus 1 minute (60 seconds)

  • {time} - 60 will be replaced by the current time minus 1 minute (60 seconds)

  • {time} + 3600 will be replaced by the current time plus 1 hour (3600 seconds)

  • {time} - 3600 will be replaced by the current time minus 1 hour (3600 seconds)

  • {time} + 86400 will be replaced by the current time plus 1 day (86400 seconds)

  • {time} - 86400 will be replaced by the current time minus 1 day (86400 seconds)

The same way, you can create any date you want ({time} [+-] [amount of seconds]) based on the time the filter will be executed.

When you create a condition on a date, you can't use the equal sign (created = 2010-03-19), you should create two filters instead: created > 2010-03-19 and created < 2010-03-20

You can also use the tag {year}, {month}, {weekday} and {day} which will be replaced by the current year, month, weekday or day.

Since AcyMailing 4.7.2, you can select your dates quickly and easily thanks to a calendar that appears automatically when editing.

Can I do an OR condition between two filters?

Filters are connected with an AND condition only, we don't support OR conditions. Nevertheless within the same filter you can do an OR condition by using the REGEXP operator. use : "tennis|handball|football" to select users having tennis or handball or football in the field.

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