Configure your Subscription Module

During the install process, AcyMailing will automatically install this module so you can display a Newsletter subscription module on your website. The module can appear with a slide effect or in a popup or simply be always visible.

How to access this screen

  • Log in on your Joomla back-end and click on the menu "Extensions -> Module Manager"

Access Module

  • Click on the module name AcyMailing Module, but even before that, you probably want to enable this module.

Customize your module

You can apply a specific confirmation message for each module in the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "Languages": edit the language file and in the "Custom translations" area, put SUBSCRIPTION_OK_MODULE_IDMODULE="Your custom message". Of course, replace "IDMODULE" by the real Id of the module.

You can also extend our module view in your own template to fully customize it but the easiest way to customize the AcyMailing module is to apply some CSS to it.

You can create your own css file via the AcyMailing configuration page (tab interface) :


If you click on the small edit icon, AcyMailing will create a copy of our default css file and let you modify it so you can revert your changes when you want.

We created a series of CSS files ready to be used for the AcyMailing module that you can change on the AcyMailing configuration page.

Change the style of the subscribe/unsubscribe buttons

Both buttons are included in a td class="acysubbuttons" and with a class="button" on it so you can apply some styles via CSS using: td.acysubbuttons .button{...}

You can also add a style on td.acysubbuttons .button:hover to create an effect when the cursor is on the button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see my own name and e-mail on the module?

As you're logged in, AcyMailing "recognized" you and displays your own subscription.

There is an option on the AcyMailing Module to not automatically identify the user if you don't want it to happen.

Auto identify logged-in user

How can I display lists on my module?

If you want to display some lists on your module (with checkboxes or dropdown), then you should make sure you didn't select lists for the parameter "automatically subscribe to".

The lists you selected for the field "visible lists" will be displayed but only if they are not selected in the "automatically subscribe to" parameter.

Visible lists

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