Create user

This add-on allows you to automatically create a site user when subscribing an AcyMailing user

This add-on is available in all AcyMailing versions.

If you enable this add-on you can automatically create a site user when an AcyMailing user is subscribing.


  • Allow site user creation: enable this option to activate the creation of site user

  • Create from subscription on: you can choose if this creation will happen only on front-end user subscription or both front-end and back-end

  • Create on subscriber modification: if you enable this option, it will also create a site user if an existing AcyMailing subscriber modifies his subscriptions

  • User group: group/role that will be assigned to the newly created user. By default, this option will have the same value as your site configuration

For Joomla! websites, you must enable "Allow User Registration" in the Joomla! users options.

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