This screen enables you to manage all your users.

Search and sort

    Search Area : this text input allows you to search users.
    Filter by list: You can filter your users by list subscription and subscription status
    Status : on the left, you can display only the users with the selected status.
    Sort by : this one allows you to sort your users according to the data: id, email, name, creation date, active and confirmed. Default is set on creation date descending so you can see the latest users first.


    Email: email of the user.
    Name: name field of the user
    Creation date: The date when the user has been created
    Lists: The lists the user is subscribed to are shown as a full circle, unsubscribed lists are shown as an empty circle
    xxx user: The username and ID of the site user linked to this AcyMailing user. Clicking on it redirects to the site user's edition page
      Active: In some cases, you want to "black list" some users. This field allows you to disable a user so that it won't receive messages any more.
      Confirmed: This field shows if the user has been confirmed or not (did he click on the confirmation e-mail or not). If you don't require a confirmation (this option can be modified in the AcyMailing configuration page), this field won't be displayed.
    ID: identifier of the user


    Import : Enables you to import users in AcyMailing from text, CSV file, your website users or from your database. You will also be able to subscribe imported users during the process.
    Export : Enables you to export users from AcyMailing based on some filters. If you select some users before clicking this button, only those users will be exported.
    Add to list : This button will only be clickable if you select some users first. It allows you to directly subscribe the selected users to one or more lists.
    Create : Opens the user creation page
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