K2 Content

You can insert content from your website in your emails: K2 items.

This add-on is available with the Essential version.

Content insertion

This first tab allows you to add one K2 item to your email

  • Content to insert: select the article you want to insert. You can filter them on their title. You can also filter on the category.

  • Display: you can choose which parts of the content to insert in the newsletter

  • Format: AcyMailing offers multiple default formats, for example the title, then the main picture and the description around it. Choose which one you prefer, or create your own one in the add-on's settings (it will require basic HTML knowledge).

  • Pictures: choose whether to display the pictures. You can automatically resize them to a specific size.

  • Clickable title: you can choose to add a link to the real content on its title.

  • Truncate the text: you can choose to limit the number of characters from the article that will be displayed.

  • Custom view: You can edit the view of the articles that you insert. It will completely replace the add-on's output, rendering the above options ineffective.


Here are the settings available for this add-on: Custom view: override the content inserted in your email Front-end access: this settings allows you let your users access to this add-on in the frontend campaign management or not

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