This add-ons allows you to add users information in your emails

Insert user specific fields

When editing a title or text zone, you can insert some dynamic texts related to EasyProfile to customise the sent emails. This lets you for example add a "Hello Robert," at the beginning of your emails by inserting custom fields created in EasyProfile.

Insert user profiles

  • Display: you can choose which information you want to insert in the email.

  • Pictures: You can resize all the pictures or remove the pictures contained in the post's content

  • Clickable title: The title (and main picture if you selected it) will be clickable and will send you to the post's page

  • Custom view: You can edit the view of the articles that you insert


Here are the settings available for this add-on: Custom view: override the content inserted in your email Front-end access: this settings allows you let your users access to this add-on in the frontend campaign management or not

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