Move between two WordPress websites

This page will guide you step by step to move your AcyMailing data from a WordPress website to an other.

Migrate between two standard WordPress websites

If you need to move your data between two WordPress websites, you can follow these steps:

  1. Update AcyMailing to its latest version on the origin website, either by manually installing it or by using the WordPress updates menu.

  2. Open your origin database, and export the tables starting with xxx_acym_

  3. Import these tables to the new database, then replace the table prefix by the new database one

  4. Install AcyMailing on the new website

  5. On the new website, replace the folder wp-content/uploads/acymailing/ by the one of the origin website

If you own a paid version of AcyMailing, you'll also need to:

  1. Click the "Unlink my license" button in the License tab of the old website

  2. Attach the license in the new website then activate the "Automated tasks" option

Migrate to or from a WordPress multi-site network

The same steps as above apply, except when migrating from a multi-site to a classic WordPress. On step 3, only import the xxx_acym_ tables of the sub-site you want to migrate.

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