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Mailbox actions

The mailbox actions (known as Distribution list in AcyMailing version 5) is a feature that allows you to connect to a mailbox via IMAP or POP3 protocol and do actions to the emails in it.
Here are the 4 actions that you can do:
  • Forward the email to a specific email address
  • Forward the email to a list, this will create a campaign and add it to the queue
  • Subscribe the user sending the email to a list
  • Unsubscribe the user sending the email to a list



  • Search: This field allows you to search a mailbox by name
  • Create: Create a new mailbox action
  • Sort by: You can sort the column of you choice
  • All, Active, Inactive: If you want to display all the entities or just the active or inactive ones


  • Name: The name of the mailbox
  • Email: The email of the mailbox you want to connect
  • Actions: A summary of the actions that the Mailbox Actions will do
  • Active: If it's active or not
  • ID: The ID of the Mailbox Actions