Choose a template

This page is the first step when you create a new campaign

It will ask you to choose the template you want to use for your campaign. This step is automatically displayed when creating a campaign or if you manually click on the "Choose template" tab when editing an existing campaign. Note that choosing a template will replace the current content of a campaign.

You can search a template with the search input or display templates with a particular tag.

Choosing a template will automatically select the editor. If you select a template created with the drag and drop editor, then it will use this editor. You can recognize these templates thanks to the "AcyEditor" text displayed on them: blue footer on the template image. If you select a standard template, then the default editor of your website will be used.

You can also create a campaign with an empty template with the button Start from empty template. In this case the drag and drop editor will be used.

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