Compatibility issues
You will hopefully find here solutions for the most obscure issues that could happen using AcyMailing

Error when saving a template

On Joomla if you have the Securitycheck Pro extension, it can block the template save process. You can add an exception in it for AcyMailing.

Submitting the subscription form doesn't work

  • If you have modified your .htaccess file and some form validations don't work anymore, you should modify your rules to replace [L] flags by [P] flags.
  • If you have Jyaml as template, enable/disable the option for "empty" module
  • If it only happens for a specific browser, disable your extensions (the "duckduckgo" extension for Firefox for example)

The email editor is broken

If you have the System plugin Responsive scrolling tables, disable it.

I turned my website into multisite network and now I have error messages about missing tables

If AcyMailing was already installed when you turned your WordPress website into a multisite network, you may need to re-run the AcyMailing installation scripts to set it up correctly for your network. To do this you can update AcyMailing, upload the latest installation package to replace the current one, or you can follow these 3 steps:
  1. 1.
    Disable AcyMailing (this won't remove its data)
  2. 2.
    Create an empty file wp-content / plugins / acymailing / update.php
  3. 3.
    Enable back AcyMailing

The archive listing redirects to the online version of the first email

If this happens on a Joomla website, it could be caused by the system plugin "AntiCopy" when framing is Disallowed. Change its options or disable this plugin to fix the issue.
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