Mail archive not displaying special characters

Issue that can happen after version 8.6.0


In the mail archive or the view it online link we display the mail that was sent with all the dynamic content frozen when the email is sent.

To do it we have created a new table acym_mail_archive in which we save the content of the email.

On some servers, the default collation and charset of the table might be wrong even if we add it in the table creation.

The charset (character set) should be utf8 and the collation should be utf8_general_ci

Connect to your PhpMyAdmin and search the table acym_mail_archive.

Then go to the Operation tab on the top and select utf8_general_ci and don't forget to check the option Change all column collations to apply the modification to all columns of the table.

Once the collation is fixed on your table, you can run the following SQL query to clear the existing archive and force AcyMailing to re-generate it:

// Replace the "xxxx_" by the real table prefix or your database
DELETE FROM XXXX_acym_mail_archive WHERE 1 = 1

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