This feature is only in the Enterprise version

The automation is a powerful feature which enables you to do actions on a selection of AcyMailing users. There are two kind of automation:

  • Mass action: the mass actions are one or several actions you can trigger directly on some specific targets

  • Automation: the automations are mass actions that are triggered automatically on specific frequency or users actions.

The strength of this feature is the integration with other plugins like Woocommerce for WordPress or Hikashop for Joomla and many more. For example you can send an email to your administrator when a user buys a product on your website.


The first time you open the listing of the automation you should see 2 automations. These are administrator notifications, they're not totally like the automation but they're close to it.

As you can see the column Active allow you to make an action on an automation. If you click on this toggle it means that the automation will start doing actions depends on the triggers of it.

For example if you active the first administrator notification, you will receive an email every times a user is created.

On the top right corner of the listing you can see two buttons:

  • New mass action: execute a new mass action

  • New automation: create a new automation

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