This add-on allows you to insert Seblod articles in your emails.

One by one

This allows you to insert one Seblod article in your email

  • Content to insert: select the article you want to insert. You can filter them on their title and category.

  • Display: you can choose which parts of the content to insert in the email. The Seblod fields displayed here must be published and created by you. If you're unsure how to display a Seblod field here, set its "App Folder" as "Quick Folder".

  • Format: AcyMailing offers multiple default formats, for example the title, then the main picture and the description around it. Choose which one you prefer, or create your own one in the add-on's settings (it will require basic HTML knowledge).

  • Pictures: When resizing pictures, AcyMailing applies a maximum size, tiny images won't be enlarged. If you select "No", the images included in the description will be removed, but the main picture will still follow the "Display" option if you selected "Image".

  • Caption: you can choose to show the image caption below it with this option

  • Clickable title: you can choose to add a link to the real content on its title.

  • Menu ID: Seblod needs to links its articles with a menu to work correctly. You can select the correct menu here or let AcyMailing guess which one should be used whn building the link to the inserted article.

  • Custom view: This is for advanced users only, if you don't have basic knowledge in HTML we don't recommend you to use it. With this option you can fully customise the way the article looks in your emails. Note that by doing so, you completely replace the default layout and thus, previous options won't be taken into account.


Here are the settings available for this add-on: Custom view: override the content inserted in your email Front-end access: this settings allows you let your users access to this add-on in the frontend campaign management or not

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