On the dashboard, you'll find the list of domains connected to your license key.

When you log in for the first time, if any domains are already linked, you'll see them appear.

Click on a domain to view its details.


You will find several important data on your license and the associated domains:

  • Emails sent this month: total volume of emails sent (and therefore credits used) by all your domains.

  • Remaining email credits: volume of email credits still available for the current month

  • Remaining domains: number of domains you can still connect to your account.

Domain list

For each connected domain, you will find various key management information:

  • Complaint rate: complaint rate for campaigns in this domain

  • Allowed complaint rate : authorized rate (you can change these permissions in domain configuration)

  • Bounce rate: bounce rate of campaigns on this domain

  • Allowed bounce rate: authorized rate (you can change this setting in the domain configuration)

  • Is domaine limited: "True" if the domain has a strict limit on its monthly email volume, otherwise "False".

  • Email limit: authorized limit (you can change this limit in the domain configuration)

Change license

If you have several multisite licenses, you can change the licenses to be administered using the drop-down menu on the bottom left.

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