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Send follow-up messages based on subscription

Let's say you have a website selling formations, and when someone purchases the formation A, it is automatically subscribed to the List A.
You can setup an automation so that this user receives the course 1 immediately, the course 2 one week later and the course 3 two weeks later.

Create the automation

First create an automation, then follow the steps listed bellow:
Action targets
Give your automation a meaningful name and description, and make it execute only when someone subscribes to an AcyMailing list:
You want to send emails to the users that subscribed to the list "Formation A", and not for any list. In the conditions select the correct list under the filter "AcyMailing list":
Here, the "Subscription date" filter is important. On the left, select "5 minutes in the past" and on the right leave it blank.
Ok so a user just subscribed to the correct list, let's add the follow-up emails to the queue, for the right sending date. For this, use the "Add an email to the queue" action:
On the right, you can specify the sending date, for example:
If you select "7 days in the future", the user will receive this email 7 days after subscribing to the "Formation A" list.
You don't need to do anything here, just make sure the target is set to the user triggering the automation.
If you did everything correctly, the summary should look like this:
Don't forget to activate your automation 🙂

Test the automation

Now's the time to test if it works correctly, subscribe to the correct list with a user (if the list isn't meant to be visible, subscribe your user from the users listing).
You should now see your emails in the queue listing: