Send follow-up messages based on subscription

Let's say you have a website selling formations, and when someone purchases the formation A, it is automatically subscribed to the List A.

You can setup an automation so that this user receives the course 1 immediately, the course 2 one week later and the course 3 two weeks later.

Create the automation

First create an automation, then follow the steps listed bellow:

Give your automation a meaningful name and description, and make it execute only when someone subscribes to an AcyMailing list:

If you did everything correctly, the summary should look like this:

Don't forget to activate your automation 🙂

Test the automation

Now's the time to test if it works correctly, subscribe to the correct list with a user (if the list isn't meant to be visible, subscribe your user from the users listing).

You should now see your emails in the queue listing:

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